At Risk

Author: S.G. Redling 

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel 

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Colleen McElroy grew up wealthy and pampered, the daughter of a prominent society family in Lexington, Kentucky. But her privileged upbringing could not prepare or protect her from her cruel and abusive first husband. Although her calamitous marriage left her with physical and emotional scars that have yet to heal, they haven’t prevented her from doing her best to rebuild her life.

Charismatic Patrick McElroy has scars of his own from his traumatic childhood in the foster care system, but with his business partner, John, he has built a celebrated, state-of-the-art home for at-risk youths. When one goes missing, Colleen is plunged into a nightmare of uncertainty about the girl’s disappearance. Is she paranoid, seeing disasters where there is just bad luck, or does an unspeakable evil lurk behind the new life she’s made for herself? No longer sure of whom she can trust, Colleen will have to rely on herself to discover the truth.


Review: Holy freaking $h&t, this story is AMAZING. I mean seriously, it is genius. It reminds me of the Saki short story, The Open Window, in which an innocent visitor is run off by a precocious young family member. The dark humor is off-putting to a lot of people, but if you like very dark humor, like me, this story is memorable for both its brilliant style and the casual viciousness of the child. One wonders if that person ever got over that event. I wondered at the cruelty of that child.

This book plays out with that same macabre sense of humor. The clever writing, initially concealed in a soothingly romantic tone, takes in both the female character and the reader. We’re both shocked and horrified by the stunning turn of events that plow on–heedless of our surprise, glorying in our fear, scattering one horrible truth after another until the final, glorious ending scene–a brilliant twist.

Mad Dog rides again.

Who the freak are these people? And why am I so in love with this writer?


She decimated my preconceived notions of what I was reading and left them bleeding on the floor. And that just doesn’t happen.


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