Divergence (Aberrant Magic #3)

Author: Lyn Gala

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: LId & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Kavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want—a lead on O’Brien, a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team, and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans and lovers. However they’ve gotten involved in magical politics, and that has consequences that neither of them could foresee. Magic is changing, and Kavon and Darren are in the center of a coming storm.

In the past, Kavon’s only fear was that he might inadvertently damage Darren, and he is painfully aware that he has hurt his lover before. He’s vowed to never make that mistake again, but new forces threaten their relationship and pose a special threat to Darren. With the danger growing more intense, Kavon struggles to find a way to protect the ones he loves and Darren realizes that the magic that gave him his heart’s desire could take everything away just as quickly. Magic is a two-edged sword and the two lovers have to find a way to wield the weapon before it becomes the instrument of their death.


Review:  Politics! Politics! Politics! Darren and Kavon live and work in DC. They can’t escape politics. Kavon is now on the DC Shamanic Council. The Egyptians think he’s some kind of prince come to usher in a new era of magic. Kavon and Darren both have to balance workplace politics at the DC FBI field office, and even the basic interpersonal politics of their team need work and tending to. There is nothing in their lives that doesn’t seem to need some kind of special attention of massaging. Even Darren’s guide needs special attention, as he’s pretty clueless when it comes his own power and the ramifications of it. Darren and Kavon also get a wake up call as to how little they know about magic. There are evil ifrits. Darren and Kavon are just lucky with Bennu. Things have gone wrong. Genocidal levels of wrong.

Darren, Kavon, and Coretta decide to use magic in ways no one would expect. They finally close in on the human trafficking ring they’ve been trying to track down. While in New Mexico, they encounter even more politics in even more places. Darren and Kavon have to make some serious decisions, as a couple, about when it’s okay to walk away from a mess.

A lot of this book was about Darren mending fences and building new ones with his co-workers. When is it okay to be hurt, and when is it good to forgive? It’s okay to not be a doormat after you’re betrayed. Darren and Kavon trusted the people they worked with to keep them safe. That trust was shattered. It’s okay that new people should have to earn trust in potentially life threatening situations. Darren was dealing with the concept around the same time he realized accepting Bennu into his life could have been a disaster of epic and potentially extinction level proportions. Darren realizes it’s okay to make informed decisions even when he’s being pressured to act.

I got a sense that life is still ongoing for Darren and Kavon. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve solved the big cases and they’ve gotten their HEA, but they’re never going to stop being a work in progress. They’ve got stuff to do. There is always going to be a next case, there is always going to be a next magical disaster. There is now another munnie partnered with an ifrit. More ifrits are sure to come. Things are just going to get more and more interesting for Darren and Kavon. All in all, this was a good end to the Aberrant Magic series.

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