A Living Grave (Katrina Williams #1)

alivinggraveAuthor: Robert E. Dunn

Publisher: Kensington

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: The first in a gritty new series featuring sheriff’s detective Katrina Williams, as she investigates moonshine, murder, and the ghosts of her own past…

Katrina Williams left the Army ten years ago disillusioned and damaged. Now a sheriff’s detective at home in the Missouri Ozarks, Katrina is living her life one case at a time—between mandated therapy sessions—until she learns that she’s a suspect in a military investigation with ties to her painful past.

The disappearance of a local girl is far from the routine distraction, however. Brutally murdered, the girl’s corpse is found by a bootlegger whose information leads Katrina into a tangled web of teenagers, moonshiners, motorcycle clubs, and a fellow veteran battling illness and his own personal demons. Unraveling each thread will take time Katrina might not have as the Army investigator turns his searchlight on the devastating incident that ended her military career. Now Katrina will need to dig deep for the truth—before she’s found buried…


Review: Last night when I turned out my light and tried to fall asleep after finishing A Living Grave, I was having an internal debate. Why had this or that happened, what’s up with so and so, and is there going to be more about this…. This book is not an easy or fast read. It’s meant to be savored like good whiskey, a sip at a time, slowly trickling down your throat, leaving a shimmering aftertaste on your tongue. I cannot wait to see how Mr. Dunn plays the next one out.

Katrina’s been out of the military for ten years, but in her mind, it’s like it was yesterday. She’s got a case of PTSD that’s affecting her every.single.day. It doesn’t seem to take much to reduce her to fading color and gritty sand…and who can blame her after the atrocities she suffered at the hands of her own fellow soldiers. And WTF is that creepy-a$$ Major doing following her around like the sins of Christmas past? I will neither confirm or deny rumors that cheering was heard from my house when the part he got beaten up was read (cough).

When a young girl’s body is found out in the backwoods of the Missouri Ozarks, Katrina is the first LEO there–so it’s her case. When she starts investigating, not only does she find herself in harm’s way almost immediately–she seems to be attracting others who’re in trouble as well. Mix in moonshine whiskey and some ties to organized crime and you’ve got a muddy concoction that’s difficult to solve. That’s when an investigator who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty can do some of her best work.

But who’s going to rescue her?

All in all, this was a killer work from a talented writer that reminds me a little of James Lee Burke. Hurry up, Mr. Dunn, I’m waiting for the next installment!

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