Blog Tour: Dog Days by TA Moore “Dog Treat #4”



Title: Dog Days

Author: TA Moore

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: 09/09/2016

Buy the Book: Amazon US,  Amazon UK, Dreamspinner Press

Blurb:  The world ends not with a bang, but with a downpour. Tornadoes spin through the heart of London, New York cooks in a heat wave that melts tarmac, and Russia freezes under an ever-thickening layer of permafrost. People rally at first—organizing aid drops and evacuating populations—but the weather is only getting worse.

In Durham, mild-mannered academic Danny Fennick has battened down to sit out the storm. He grew up in the Scottish Highlands, so he’s seen harsh winters before. Besides, he has an advantage. He’s a werewolf. Or, to be precise, a weredog. Less impressive, but still useful.

Except the other werewolves don’t believe this is any ordinary winter, and they’re coming down over the Wall to mark their new territory. Including Danny’s ex, Jack—the Crown Prince Pup of the Numitor’s pack—and the prince’s brother, who wants to kill him.

A wolf winter isn’t white. It’s red as blood.


I suppose it is a bit predictable for a Brit to write a book about weather, but there you go! Dog Days is my first shifter novel and I had a blast writing it. I love the characters, obstreperous little sods though they could be when I needed them to behave, and the setting in Durham is one I have a lot of time for. So, welcome to my dystopian Winter Wonderland, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

And to whet your appetite, here’s an exclusive ‘Dog Treat’ set before the events of Dog Days.


Treat Four

It’s for school,” Danny lied, not looking up from his book, as his ma blew in with the wind. “Homework.”

Wolves could usually tell if someone was lying: the smell of their sweat, the kick of chemicals hitting their bloodstream, the signs of nervousness in their body language. Thing was, the more you lied the easier it was, and the less tells you had. Danny had been lying for a long time.

Or maybe his mom just didn’t pay that much attention to what he did.

Maybe if you didn’t read so much, you’d not need to wear glasses,” she said, kicking the door shut. On the way past the table she skelped her hand over the back of his head. It didn’t rattle his teeth, so it was meant as affection. “It makes you stand out.”

So would walking into walls,” he pointed out, pushing the offending glasses up his nose as he looked up. He looked like his ma — tall, lean, and dark. She wore her hair cut nearly as short as his, but where it made him look like he had nits she looked elegant. The pretty dress she had on, sturdy cotton over bare legs, looked odd on her. “Why are you skinside this late? Isn’t there a hunt?”

She shrugged. “Bron can go.” Pride glowed in her face, her pale hazel eye bright, as she added, “She’s a good hunter, but that’s no use if the rest of the pack don’t know it.”

Danny held his tongue. He was a good hunter — yeah, of rabbits and squirrels but it was still prey. His sister spent a lot of time chasing, but not much catching. That didn’t matter. Every time the prophets’ saw him, they remembered his ma had thrown a tame pup. So they needed to see the wolf that had made her bloodline good just as often.

It’ll be good for you when all that’s over,” Ma said. She opened the fridge and grabbed a carton of milk, tearing the corner off the cardboard with her teeth. “You spend too much time with humans. It’s not good for you.”

Danny dog-eared his book and sat back. “Cos?”

She took a drink from the carton, and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. “You get attached too easy. You think things mean more than they do. Jack might have fancied you for a night, but that means nothing. You mean nothing to him.”

That wasn’t news, and it wasn’t as if it should matter. Danny had plans, and the pack’s golden boy was never going to be part of them. It kinda did though — like a punch to the chest. He swallowed and shrugged.

I’m a dog, ma,” he said. “Not an idiot.”

She nodded and shoved the milk back in the fridge. On her way back out, she hesitated.

You’re not the child I wanted,” she said. “I’m still your mother. I want the best for you.”

I know.”

She scuffed his head again on her way out, stripping her dress off at the door and tossing it behind her as she pulled her skin on. In wolf form she was still lean and dark, and she didn’t look back as she chased off into the hills after the hunt.

Danny got up and shut the door after her, picked the dress up off the floor because it seemed like the sort of thing you do. He knew his ma wanted what was best for him; she’d just never accept what that actually was.



ta-mooreTA Moore genuinely believed that she was a Cabbage Patch Kid when she was a small child. This was the start of a lifelong attachment to the weird and fantastic. These days she lives in a market town on the Northern Irish coast and her friends have a rule that she can only send them three weird and disturbing links a month (although she still holds that a DIY penis bifurcation guide is interesting, not disturbing). She believes that adding ‘in space!’ to anything makes it at least 40% cooler, will try to pet pretty much any animal she meets (this includes snakes, excludes bugs), and once lied to her friend that she had climbed all the way up to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, when actually she’d only gotten to the beach, realized it was really high, and chickened out.

She aspires to being a cynical misanthrope, but is unfortunately held back by a sunny disposition and an inability to be mean to strangers. If TA Moore is mean to you, that means you’re friends now.



Twitter: @tammy_moore

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