Run to You (Risking It All #1)

Author: Rachel Lacey

Publisher: Forever

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher



Moments after meeting the most gorgeous guy ever, Gabby Winters promptly gets stung by a zillion yellowjackets and falls-not gracefully-into a stream. Yup, Ethan Hunter is trouble with a capital “hot,” and Gabby definitely needs to keep her distance. Except in the small town of Haven, there’s nowhere to hide from Ethan’s sexy, infectious grin . . . and all the residents are conspiring against her.

At the center of the town’s matchmaking is Ethan’s grandmother, who’s convinced their relationship is a done deal. Rather than break her heart, Gabby and Ethan find themselves cornered into pretending to be falling in love. The problem: there’s serious sizzling attraction between them. And if this charade continues, they won’t fool just the entire town – they might fool themselves too . . .


Review: You know, this book snuck up on me. I was thinking it was a sweet and simple love story with a familiar trope but it wasn’t simple. It was layered and complicated and emotional. The story nearly wrapped up two conflicted lovers who were in it for the right reason but didn’t realize it until the very end.

Ethan would have done anything to change his grandmother’s diagnosis. Why was Fate always giving him the finger? Sure, he’d been very successful in  life, but his first ten years had been filled with abuse and ended with him watching his mother’s death. Life had immeasurably improved after his grandmother had found him and taken him in. But now he was going to lose her.

When Gabby broke up with her abusive boyfriend, she wanted to get out of town. Luckily her job allowed her to work anywhere, so she found a secluded cabin in Haven and planned to stay the summer. What she didn’t plan on was meeting Ethan and his grandmother Dixie.

Sometimes people do the wrong thing for the right reason. Ethan thought it would help his grandmother to think he’d found the woman of his dreams before she died. As luck would have it, a beautiful woman came into town who was willing to pretend with him. He and Gabby both agreed that they would end it after Dixie was gone.

But what if it became real?

Thus was so sweet, sexy and emotional without ever edging into angst. I really liked the characters and even though neither were perfect, they were very good together. Even though I was afraid at the end I’d fall apart, it was beautifully handled. Totally recommend it to anyone who loves romance. Thanks!

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