The Warm Taste

Author: Julia Leijon

Publisher: NineStar Press

Rating: 2.5 stars

Buy Links: NSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Can a dark creature find a home in the light?

Robin appears to be a quiet, attractive young man, but the exterior hides his true vampire nature: ageless, unchanging, and bloodthirsty. His current obsession is Martin, the personable and generous owner of a coffee shop, The Warm Taste.

All Robin’s careful plans to remain unnoticed are ruined, however, when Martin asks him out on a date. Can Robin really have something so good and sweet as an ordinary relationship, after such a long existence of cold loneliness?

And if things fall apart, and Robin goes back to his old ways, will Martin survive it?


Review: Martin’s parents disowned him but never changed their will. Which is how he inherited enough money to start a coffee shop named The Warm Taste. Robin is a lonely vampire. In his mind he’s meant to live out eternity in the shadows hoping nobody notices him. He’s become attached to the handsome man running a local coffee shop he frequently goes to. He drinks from Martin often but wipes his memory of it. He just can’t seem to stay away. One night he tries it again and it doesn’t work. Instead of being terrified Martin is open to exploring whatever is going on between them. Robin wants to be with Martin badly but feels he’s no good for Robin. That he deserves a normal man. Not some monster.

I love a good vampire story. Either bloody and gory or just a simple romance. Which is why I decided to read this book. Sadly I didn’t enjoy it. Honestly it was a struggle to get through it. For me there was zero attachment formed to the characters and their stories. Nothing interesting happens. Which is fine if I’m invested in the outcome of the story and the couple’s HEA. Here there was no tension. The entire book felt clinical. Pages of storytelling about events from the vampire’s past that didn’t have anything to do with the story IMO slowed down an already slow paced story. Just pieces of info thrown in here and there. I just couldn’t get into it. If I’m being honest this book was boring. I never got a feel for the characters. Info that could have been interesting if tied into the story. The vampire Robin was frankly depressing. He thinks he’s a monster so he feels he has no other option than to live a solitary life. Martin tells him over and over he wants to be with him but Robin doesn’t believe they can be together. There were several references to him being a monster but nothing in the book to remotely backing it up. Just from common lore I suppose. Like he’s living in a shadow based on a stereotype. Although I found Martin’s acceptance of Robin’s otherness refreshing I just never felt anything for either characters. This was a miss for me personally.


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