Shift (Hot Rides #2)

shiftxxAuthor: Sidney Bristol

Publisher: Kensington

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Nothing shines like classic cars under the Miami heat. With engines revving hot and emotions running high, sparks are sure to fly . . .

Tori Chazov isn’t exactly the girl next door. For one, if the neighbors found out she’s an FBI asset and the daughter of a KGB defector, she’d have to grab her go bag and run. Then there’s her day job: making magic happen under the hood of big beautiful muscle cars. She’s more likely to be wearing engine grease than mascara, and most guys don’t fantasize about their mechanics.

But then most girls don’t fantasize about FBI tech geniuses, either, and Tori has it bad for Emery Martin. Emery has a past. She can see it in the way he keeps his body honed like a weapon, in the mysterious scars under his snap-button shirts. She can see it in the way his eyes follow her around the room, even though he never says a word.

He’s going to have to start talking now, though. A vicious Russian hit squad is on the way to Miami to take Tori out for good. And without Emery’s help, she might not make her last great escape . . .


Review: Let’s hear it for the nerds! Tech savvy Emery Martin’s got the hots for a dangerously exciting woman on his team. He has no idea if she reciprocates the feelings, or if she even knows he’s alive. It takes some scary Russian hitmen chasing after Tori with orders to get the information out of her or else for him to realize his opportunity might be passing him by.

Tori Chazov never thought the Walking Brain of their group would notice her. In fact, he seemed to only notice things on the computer screen. But when things get rough and killers are after her, she sees a new side to Emery that’s really appealing. Far from the obedient, beta fantasy lover that she’s built in her head, he’s tough, strong and capable of defending her with more than a computer mouse. Plus, his muscles are smoking hot! For so long she’s only had her sister Roni protecting her; can she really trust this person?

Having read the previous book in the series, it was nicer to see some character development as well as sad to lose some old friends. For an espionage thriller with a lot of heat, it really packed in some serious emotional development too. I recommend it! Thanks

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