Bound Beneath His Pain (Dirty Little Secrets #2)

Author: Stacey Kennedy

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb: Real estate mogul Micah Holt exerts absolute control over all aspects of his life. As a founding member of the Dominants Council that oversees San Francisco’s sex club scene, he keeps his dark side hidden away from the press, who will chase down any hint of scandal. He’s always in command of his world, careful to expose his closely guarded secrets only to those he knows he can trust. Then Allie Bennett shakes his legendary discipline. She’s beautiful, pure, untainted. But is Micah willing to sacrifice her innocence for his own selfish obsessions?

 When that sexy smile makes her body burn, Allie tries with all her might to ignore it. For one thing, Micah’s her new boss. For another, he’s as complicated as he is devastatingly handsome. Still, Allie can only fight so much before she gives in to his dangerous games. She knows he’s got dark secrets. But when she discovers the true depth of his pain, Allie must decide how far she’s willing to go to light the way for love.


 Review: Stacey Kennedy has created an interesting world in her world of Dirty Secrets, and I found this one very intriguing. Hot, racy and filled with sensuality, the story of Micah and Allie was emotional and felt sincere. I’m really enjoying this new series.

Allison Parker had grown up with s lot of love and two parents who adored her. When a tragic place crash took her parents at fifteen, her happy childhood ended. Get half brother Darius took her in and showed her a world filled with luxury and extravagance but very little love and emotional support. Learning not to take it personally took maturing and growing up–she always knew Darius loved her but he didn’t know how to show it.

Fast forward to the present; the real estate company Allie worked for was bought out by Holt industries. When she was offered a job at Holt by none other than Micah Holt himself, she was attracted to him but knew he’d only give her the kind of relationship her billionaire brother was capable of–shallow.

Micah was strangely drawn to Allie. Her beautiful innocence seemed to calm the darkness inside him. But would bring close to him cause her to lose it? He’d already hurt one woman with his dark desires, was it fair to do it to Allie?

Great read from Stacey Kennedy! Thanks

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