Reason to Believe (White Lace #2)

reasontobelieveAuthor: Gina Gordan

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Grace: I thought that reinventing myself as a corporate go-getter would be easy compared to my old life as an escort, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After taking a full-time office job, my past has come back to haunt me, my love life is nonexistent, and I miss sex—even with the lying cheats who used to be my clients. The trouble is, the closest thing to a man in my life is Ben Lockwood. After pushing me away, that jerk has the nerve to ask a favor—so why is he so hard to resist?

Ben: Working my way up from cameraman to vice president of an adult media company has been . . . interesting. To focus on my career, I swear off all distractions—especially sex—and turn to Grace Nolan, the most poised and polished woman I know, for help cleaning up. But after my little vow of celibacy, spending time with Grace is pure torture. I can’t touch her, and yet I can’t stop thinking about her. And deep down, I know the reason why.


Review: What a great follow up to the first White Lace story, Rush, (my review) with the main characters being Grace and Ben. Both of them had a lot of baggage because of working in the adult entertainment industry, and that made them feel that they were unworthy of being in a normal job and relationship. Luckily, this didn’t keep them from trying–thus this book!

Grace’s parents had been really crappy to her. When she was in school, they’d lost all their money. She’d found a way to make enough income to help both her parents and to pay for college. Unfortunately for her, it was as an escort. When her parents found out, they’d kicked her out. Of course, they hadn’t given her the money back. Mixed messages, indeed.

Now that she had her college degree, she was trying to start her own company as an organizational specialist. She’d helped a couple of companies, but she wasn’t getting a lot of work. So she took a job with a cosmetics company in a longer-term position–and loved it. Unfortunately, one of her “clients” from the past was also working there, and he’d made it clear he expected some compensation to keep his mouth shut. Was she ever going to be able to move on from her past? Or was she going to be forever denied a good job and a normal relationship?

Ben was having a crisis. Having been abandoned by his mother at eleven, he had a hard time believing in true love, but he felt so empty having sex with woman after woman. He hadn’t been able to make it through more than one semester in college, which made him feel unqualified at doing a job he already excelled at–weird, right? He loved being behind the cameras, making movies and being creative, but taking over as VP for his friend Max had put him squarely behind a desk, making administrative decisions that he really didn’t care about and also felt unqualified for. And the last problem? While he loved what he did, he also felt limited by working in the porn industry–that it made people think less of him. Did he want to move in another direction? How could he without betraying the Hirsch family, who’d taken him in and made him one of their own?

Gina Gordon is a star at writing smoking hot, compelling characters who don’t whine but move on and kick a$$! Great story arc with a wonderful finish. Truly a great read and I loved it! Thanks


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