Bad Bitch (Bad Bitch #1)

bad bitchAuthor: Christine Saunders

Publisher: Swerve

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: They call me the Bad Bitch. A lesser woman might get her panties in a twist over it, but me? I’m the one who does the twisting. Whether it’s in the courtroom or in the bedroom, I’ve never let anyone – much less a man – get the upper hand.

Except for that jerk attorney Lincoln Granade. He’s dark, mysterious, smoking hot and sexy as hell. He’s nothing but a bad, bad boy playing the part of an up and coming premiere attorney. I’m not worried about losing in a head to head battle with this guy. But he gets me all hot and bothered in a way no man has ever done before. I don’t like a person being under my skin this much. It makes me want to let go of all control, makes me want to give in. This dangerous man makes me want to submit to him completely, again, and again, and again…


Review: I was certainly not expecting the straight up hilarious story I received when I started Bad Bitch, but I should have caught on from the title. Christine Saunders takes a stodgy profession and sexes it up until it screams, adding in all the excitement a legal thriller can have. Stand back legal writers, there’s a new edgy attorney in town.

The set up is standard–two attorneys attracted to each other but on opposite sides of the bench. He’s a United States Assistant Attorney’s office prosecutor and she’s a highly paid mouthpiece for the defense. And this is an especially offensive defense this time–a slick Ponzi schemer who’s taken a lot of New Orleans elders’ savings.

Unfortunately for them, Evan’s a great attorney who can get anyone off. Unfortunately for her, however, these particular elders have got some pretty scary relatives who are pretty pissed off. The kind of people you don’t ever want mad at you. And Evan knows about these people being mad at you.

It ends badly.

Smoking hot with a side of awesomely nasty, this story is one for the record books with two characters who hope they live to tell the tale.

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