Crossing the Line (Hard Driving #3)

crossingAuthor: Audra North

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Third Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: He wanted her the first time he saw her. It didn’t matter that he was on stage in front of a room full of reporters, or that his publicist was telling him to move on, or that she was asking him a question about racing. One look at her “just been bedded” hair — completely at odds with her deliciously prim appearance — and Ty Riggs is hooked.

Corrine Bellows is one of the woefully few women in a male profession: sports reporting. In a field where “Hey, sweetheart, can you fetch me a cup of copy” is part of her job description, she’s determined to keep things professional. And while interviewing Ty Riggs, the hottest new driver on and off the track, is a major scoop, Corrine knows that she is in major trouble when it becomes clear that Ty wants so much more and is determined to get it. As things heat up between them, Corrine finds herself on shakier ground. Her big secret just may destroy everything.


Review: What could be worse than a race car driver meeting and falling in love with a reporter, especially when he’s keeping a career-ending secret and she’s desperate to keep her job? Well, read this great new romance from Audra North and find out!

Ty Riggs was following his father’s dreams, competing in the professional world of racing. Being on the Riggs’ team and following in his dad Bobby’s footsteps was all he ever could have wanted. He’d been working hard for years to get where he was, so it was disappointing that when he won the first big race of the season, another racer–Dave Gilroy had accused him of cheating. No way would Ty ever do that!

But what no one else knew was that years before, without his father’s knowledge or consent, Bobby’s crew chief had bribed the frontrunner’s crew chief to make enough little mistakes so the frontrunner would lose. Bobby had won the championship and started Riggs Racing Team right after. There was no evidence that the crew chief had thrown the race, but money had changed hands and there wasn’t any way to prove that Bobby had won on his own. So that shadow always remained, a secret only a few knew. So did Gilroy know something or was he just guessing?

Then we have Cori, trying to make it in a man’s world of sports reporters. Her boss is a total jerk and isn’t giving her any stories. She knows she’s a good journalist, but if she never gets to write anything she’ll never get a chance to prove it. Along comes a story–but at a horrible price. Someone’s hired the paper to do an expose on Ty Riggs and she’s to do anything necessary to get close enough to him to get him to share his secrets. What the heck? That’s really creepy, and she hopes her writing will be enough to get her editor to back down on that… because she just can’t do it. After her first piece is a hit, she negotiates a deal that hopefully will save her from having to betray Ty’s secrets.

The heat was fast to burn just like you’d expect from a racing novel, with lots of emotional connections and a wonderful ending that made a first place finish in this reader’s heart. Thanks

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