MacLean’s Passion (Highland Pride #2)

img_0024Author: Sharon Cullen

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Colin MacLean has always felt like a black sheep—especially after his brothers are slain before his eyes in the Battle of Culloden. A smuggler by trade, Colin makes for an embarrassing chieftain. He can’t even save his friends from their British pursuers without getting himself captured. But before he is martyred by the hangman’s noose, Colin escapes with his cellmate, a brave lad he’s come to admire. It’s only in the depths of the Highlands that Colin discovers the lad is a lass—and a bonnie one at that.

Raised by her older brothers, Maggie Sinclair can drink a pint in no time flat and wield a dagger with the best of ’em. Still, men have always excluded her and women have always shunned her. Colin makes her feel different. His wild spirit and rugged good looks have Maggie reconsidering her less than ladylike ways. For the first time, she’s tempted to put on a gown, just to see how Colin would react. She can only imagine what might happen next: a kiss . . . a touch . . . and perhaps enough sultry heat to melt a cold Highland night.


Review: The Highland Pride series has been really good up to this point, and I have to say i think Maggie is my favorite heroine so far. Growing up with three brothers has given me a unique outlook on life, and it’s one I share with Maggie. There’s no reason girls can’t do what boys do, often better. Maggie is a funny and fierce character and watching her convince Colin to let her be the complete person she can be is sweet and awesome all rolled together.

Colin MacLean had made a fine mess of his life. Always undervalued by his father, he’s never tried to live up to his real potential. Now, with both brothers dead at Culloden, he’s the only one left to take over and lead the clan. Will they join him in his quest to take back his land from the horrible Englishman Abbott, who’d tortured him in prison? Or would they hold the same low opinion of him as his father and not even show up to help?

Luckily he’s got Maggie on his side now, and she’s more than enough to take on any Englishman. What’s more important, though, is her love and faith in Colin. She knew the man that she’d been imprisoned with–he was strong and courageous and decent. Even though she’d been deathly afraid of the other men surrounding her in the prison, she’d known that he would never hurt her. He hadn’t even when he’d thought she was a young boy. And the fact that he’d taken her with him when he escaped? It had proven to her that he was kind–a man who would never hurt her.

But can Colin regain the ground he’d lost to Abbott and the English? He understands why his friend Sutherland’s helping him, but why is Campbell–who’s supposedly an English sympathizer? And he still doesn’t know if any of his clan is left, and if they’ll help him if they are. With Maggie at his side, fighting, he could not only lose the MacLean land, he could lose the woman he thinks he loves.

Excellent passionate historical with great characters who make the story exciting! Thanks!

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