Dark Blood

Author: Caleb James

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSPP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Handsome, brilliant, and surrounded by good friends, twenty-three-year-old medical student Miles Fox has a secret—and it’s not that he’s gay. Though he harbors a crush on his straight best friend, Luke. Miles, like his grandmother, Anna, possesses the healing gift, an ability she’s made him swear never to use or divulge, lest horrible things befall those he loves. It happened to her when Nazis butchered her family.

But it all goes to hell when Miles heals a terminally ill man on a New Orleans cancer ward and wakes locked in the psych unit. Worse, news of the healing miracle spreads. For millennia, its carriers have been hunted by those who would steal it. Dr. Gerald Stangl and his teenage son, Calvin, know what Miles possesses. They, like their predecessors, will stop at nothing to take it, including kidnapping, torture, and murder. As the Stangls’ noose tightens, Miles and Luke are trapped in a death match with stakes higher than they could ever imagine.


Review:  Miles Davis has a secret. He can heal people. Through some rather harsh insistence from his grandmother he’s mostly suppressed this truth until now. He promises the son of a dying patient he will save the child’s father. So he gives in to his urge to heal the hospice patient. Which is exactly what Dr Gerald Strangl has been waiting for. Some proof that Miles is indeed part of the lineage of green eyed gypsies that have the power his family has been trying to steal for centuries. Strangl uses his position and prestige as a renowned psychologist to capturing Miles in any way possible. Including the help of the law and murder.

This story had multiple POVs. Miles and his best friend and love interest Luke were two of them. Even though there is a love story in the making here don’t expect this to be a romance. It’s not the focus of the story. Miles has has flashbacks that reveal things that have happened in the past. He also chats with his ancestors by way of somehow transitioning between worlds. Through his great grandfather’s storytelling he learns more about his power and what it means in the grand scheme. For me this part of the story did slow down the pace quite a bit. There was little to no time for talking in riddles with the danger coming for them but it just kept happening. There were also moments the characters were fairly oblivious by way of hanging out in known places while the world hunted them. And then of course being discovered at those places!

The POV from the evil Dr Stangl was for sure the darkest in this story. He was raised with a single minded focus of capturing and using the healing gift for his own selfish purposes. Everyone was disposable. Over the years he and his family have tortured many many people to the point of death through medical experimentation to learn more about the power Mile’s possesses. It’s all very in the name of science but has a more sinister vibe to it. He uses his position of power to manipulate the situation Miles finds himself in in his favor. Essentially cornering Miles with the help of the law by lying about Mile’s intent. Dr Strangl also has a son he’s brainwashed through the years through verbal and physical abuse. We also get the son’s POV. He struggles with pleasing his father while silently hating the man. I found his character to be the most interesting. He’s totally crazy but you can’t help but feel a little bad for him. Just a little though because he’s also evil. Suffice to say you will have no problem with hating the bad guy in this book. He’s truly evil.

I liked this book but I can’t say I loved it. Parts of it kept my interest and parts dragged. Parts of this story may upset some people. The cold medical torture and murder of people was very matter of fact through the POV of Dr. Strangl. It is chilling but personally I’ve read much worse.

I don’t really need a love story to enjoy a book but I like it. This love story was definitely secondary and had little to no build. Most of the feelings develop before the book begins. It’s more pining for the lost chance they had through the desperate situation Miles and Luke find themselves in. This is a creepy read. I like the feeling of helplessness developed. He’s a fugitive thanks to the puppetry of an evil man. Miles only option was to stay hidden but of course that didn’t happen. If you dark psychological thrillers you’ll probably enjoy this one.


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