The Body Reader

img_5179Author: Anne Frasier

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: For three years, Detective Jude Fontaine was kept from the outside world. Held in an underground cell, her only contact was with her sadistic captor, and reading his face was her entire existence. Learning his every line, every movement, and every flicker of thought is what kept her alive.

After her experience with isolation and torture, she is left with a fierce desire for justice—and a heightened ability to interpret the body language of both the living and the dead. 

Despite colleagues’ doubts about her mental state, she resumes her role at Homicide. Her new partner, Detective Uriah Ashby, doesn’t trust her sanity, and he has a story of his own he’d rather keep hidden. But a killer is on the loose, murdering young women, so the detectives have no choice: they must work together to catch the madman before he strikes again. And no one knows madmen like Jude Fontaine.

Review: Anne Frasier has a scary way with words, and this book will certainly frighten you when you think about it. And you will think about it after you read it. Because it describes, with crisp precision, how it must feel to lose your mind.

Jude Fontaine came back from the dead and wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. Her momentous dreamed about homecoming was forever destroyed when she pounded on the door of the house she and her boyfriend Eric had lived in together only to find him with her replacement. Three years is a long time to be missing…and he hadn’t waited.

However, that wasn’t the harshest of blows to come her way in this searing and intensely suspenseful mystery. She feels completely adrift after rescuing herself from three years of isolation, trapped in the basement by a madman. It’s almost surreal to her now to be living a life of freedom–but is this just a dream that she’ll wake up from…back in the basement? Her mind has been totally rewired, and she doesn’t recognize the her from before.

When she tries to solve the mystery of a young girl whose body was found, similarities to her own case take her off course–just like the killer wants them to. At the end, even though she’s been kicked off the force and labeled as crazy, it’s her race to the finish that may save a young girl but destroy her own family.

Tick tock.

Read it if you love psychological thrillers. It’ll scare your pants off.

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