The Haunted Pub

Author: Melanie Tushmore

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LT3 and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Suffering from depression, and going through a rough time because of it, Fizz’s misery culminates in his parents throwing him out, leaving him with two bags, twenty pounds, and nowhere to go. Desperate, he calls his brother, who takes him to The Queen Anne’s Revenge, where Fizz winds up living in a room that hasn’t had a human inhabitant for more years than anyone can actually count—a room that seems to already have an occupant…


Review: I loved the Green Monster and like ghost stories so when I saw this up for grabs to review I snatched it up. I liked how it went to a darker place towards the end of the book. There were three different love stories going on in this book. I was cheering for them all. The problem for me was the first part of the book was slow to get going. Mostly it’s the day to day of the bar they all work at and live above. The characters are oblivious and frustrating at times. Adorable at others. There are a ton of older pop culture references that reminded me this story was a rewrite or re-release from years ago I never got around to reading.

Fizz has just been kicked out of his parents house. He’s 21 and has always had a problem with depression. He cycles from not caring and then seeing how his actions hurt those around him to disappointment. Which just makes him feel worse. He can’t do anything right. He’s not good at anything. His brother takes him to stay with a cousin who runs a bar out of an old hotel. Once there he’s given the room that once belonged to a devious spirit who died a horrific death. The spirit is able to manipulate Fizz in his vulnerable state just when he seems to find his place in the world thanks to people caring for him.

Fizz is super depressing to read about. You do feel sorry for him and I like that everyone was trying to rally around him after he’s basically dumped on their doorstep. A regular at the bar deemed a “player” takes a romantic interest in Fizz. He’s very good at be patient with Fizz and knowing just how far to push him. How to talk to him. They were cute but not exactly sexy since Fizz seems so childish at times and also unstable. It was hard to get into this couple even though I liked Ash quite a bit.

There are multiple POVs so you do get inside the head of all the characters. It’s jolting at times and takes a bit to figure out whose POV you’re reading from. I think I actually preferred the other two couples. The not so straight chef and the slutty bartender, Sammy were pretty sexy. They fought a lot so the tension there was good. The other couple have been secretly pining for each other for years but neither has done a thing about it. I liked all the emotion you got with their POVs. Both were very sexy but not much on page action.

The ending was wrapped up pretty neatly. I liked the love stories for the most part. I got a good sense of who the characters were. The horror aspect was amped up towards the ending. The beginning it’s more a pesky ghost who can’t stop butting in when the guys ignore their feelings for each other. His tragedy was probably the hardest to read about. To sum this up it’s about a group of men whom work together and have a bunch of repressed lust and love for each other that find themselves with strange things happening around them. Nobody knows what it is until it’s too late. For me this story had some highs and lows. I can see this going either way for readers.


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