The Angel Wore Fangs (Deadly Angels #7)

angel wore fangsAuthor: Sandra Hill

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Paranormal Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Once guilty of the deadly sin of gluttony, thousand-year-old Viking vampire angel Cnut Sigurdsson is now a lean, mean, vampire-devil fighting machine. His new side-job? No biggie: just ridding the world of a threat called ISIS while keeping the evil Lucipires (demon vampires) at bay. So when chef Andrea Stewart hires him to rescue her sister from a cult recruiting terrorists at a Montana dude ranch, vangel turns cowboy. Yeehaw!

The too-tempting mortal insists on accompanying him, surprising Cnut with her bravery at every turn. But with terrorists stalking the ranch in demonoid form, Cnut teletransports Andrea and himself out of danger—accidentally into the tenth-century Norselands. Suddenly, they have to find their way back to the future to save her family and the world . . . and to satisfy their insatiable attraction.


Review:  I haven’t read any of Sandra Hill’s VIK series about Viking vampire angels a.k.a. Vangels and I think–even though some of the things going on are a little over the top–that I’m going to have to read some of the others because they’re like chocolate. One just isn’t enough!

Pastry chef Andrea Stewart really needs help finding her sister Celie, who’s always following her heart into questionable places. Communes, cults, and apparently this time into the hands of an ISIS training camp located at a dude ranch in Montana. So she goes to Wings International, a company that tracks and protects individuals or groups when terrorism is involved. There she meets Cnut Sigurdsson, Viking extraordinaire.

At the last reckoning with the archangel Michael, Cnut had been tasked with getting rid of ISIS. But how? Michael had said that it would become clear; after Andy Stewart showed up asking for his help to rescue her sister, it seemed this might be his answer.

So the two set off for the dude ranch that ISIS is using as a cover for their training camp, and hijinks ensue.

This story was highly entertaining, and even though there seemed to be a Christian message, there were several sexy exchanges between the two main characters. There were also some nods to other paranormal series, gently mocking them while at the same time incorporating them into the story line which I loved! Since I’ve read a lot of paranormal series, it was great fun to see a series making a little fun of itself, going a little over the top at times to increase the humor.

For reading the seventh in the series with no previous knowledge, this book worked well as a standalone. While a little confusing with all the different things going on, it was very funny and kept me captivated all the way through. Thanks!

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