Under a Blood Red Moon (Duncan Andrews Thrillers #5)

Author: Stephen Osborne

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Private Detective Duncan Andrews is back, along with the usual gang: Robbie, Gina, Nick, and Daisy, the zombie bulldog! Duncan is trying to figure out how his boyfriend, Robbie, will fit in with the team now that he is no longer a ghost. That worry is soon set aside when Duncan accepts a new case to locate a missing young man named Graig Betz. Duncan soon learns Graig is part of a werewolf pack that is terrorizing Indianapolis. The pack is led by a witch, Ashley Campbell, an old rival of Gina’s. Duncan and his team must try to rescue and cure Graig and stop the wolf pack from destroying an entire city.


Review:  I love this series. The characters are so much fun to read about. The paranormal thriller aspect means that anything goes and probably will at some point. Witches, demons, vampires, ghosts and zombie dogs. It all fits seamlessly into this world. There’s also a lot of witty quick dialogue and quite a bit of gore. The mysteries are always compelling. There’s danger around every corner for Private Detective Duncan Andrews who wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just happy I get to keep reading about it.

Book 5 of this series brings us werewolves. Not the hunky sexy kind. The angry murdering kind. Not nice guys at all. Duncan gets brought into the mix by his newest client, the grandmother of a young man mixed up with the wrong kind of crowd. Werewolves. It’s kind of like a forced membership into a gang. Once you’re in you can’t get out. So Duncan is hired to find out what has become of her grandson and of course Duncan gets into a huge mess of trouble in the process. It’s not just wolves this time though. A nasty witch from Gina’s past is helping the wolves.

I loved getting some page time with these characters. Robbie and Duncan are still figuring out the new dynamics of their relationship. I’ll admit it was different even for me as a reader. Duncan understandably holds a lot of fear in regards to Robbie’s safety after getting him back. He’s felt the pain of loss before and he has no desire to feel it again. For me I missed that yearning for each others touch and tension in their relationship portion of the story. I’m happier that they’re happier but I noticed it wasn’t there. I did get a little thrill that they could touch each other. FINALLY!

I adore the secondary characters in this series. Gina is fantastic. Seriously the best friend a guy like Duncan could ever ask for. We get some page time with Nick and his new man. It was nice to see he’s moving on. I didn’t really feel the fear from the baddies in this book quite as much as I had in previous books. Duncan sure seemed to think this battle might be their last however. I just felt they’d faced some much greater foes in previous books so that didn’t resonate with me. Maybe Robbie made their deaths seem like a bigger deal this time around? Of course Duncan went and ticked off a new super powerful bad gal so there’s more to come. While I adore this series I just didn’t feel the intensity I normally do with these books. Still a really good read with lots of action and laughs. You have to read these books in order since book 1-4 has a huge story arc running through them. If you enjoy a paranormal mystery with a beautiful love story you should check out this series. Throw in some fun witty humor and a detective with a death wish. Great series!

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