Tangled Web

Author: S.A. Ozment

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: By day Ashley Stevens is a dedicated nurse; by night he runs multiple social media sites for his crush and all-time favorite actor, Sebastian Gray. After a particularly grueling day at work, Ashley drinks away his misery while dreaming about being with Sebastian—only to realize it’s no dream when Sebastian actually contacts him.

Sebastian asks him to officially run his sites and Ashley is thrilled—right up until Sebastian makes it clear that he thinks Ashley is a girl. And maybe it’s the wine, or maybe it’s a fear that if Sebastian knew the truth, he wouldn’t want him, but Ashley never sets him straight. But keeping the secret becomes a nightmare as Ashley and Sebastian talk online night after night, forging a true connection. And the longer Ashley waits to tell the truth, the more tangled the lies become.

A plane ticket from Sebastian along with an invitation to meet in New York City for a fan event brings it all to a head. Ashley must face Sebastian and tell all, but he might not be the only one keeping secrets.


Review: This was a cute little story about a guy named Ashley who started his own online fan club of sorts for a lesser known actor, Sebastian Gray, and is successful at it to the point Sebastian finds him on FB one night and starts chatting with him about making his pages official with Ashley in charge. Ashley is a super-fan. His excitement over talking to his obsession and a bottle of wine keeps him from correcting the assumption he’s a girl.

I can see how Ashley wouldn’t want to nip in the bud his chance to become friends with Sebastian at first. I can see how it gets to the point where he can’t find an easy way to tell him. Sebastian finding out was however inevitable. Especially when they plan to meet up in person. This is where it all kind of turned a super angsty drama filled corner. A big old blow up. Ashley and Sebastian handle it poorly. Ashley was a little worse since he throws Sebastian being in the closet in his face. That’s a big no no in this situation. Not the same as pretending to be a girl at all.

For me the back and forth messaging was pretty cute. It was a good way to get to know them and see how their relationship develops. It’s hard to believe neither let anything slip in all that time but I was okay with it. I think the length of the story helped. Ashley obviously falls in love with Sebastian but thinks he’s straight. After the big blow up it’s all cleaned up nice and tidy. Tangled Web was an okay read but nothing I’d recommend reading right away. It was short, cute and angsty.

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