Sidhe Guardian

Author: Nessa Vincent

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LId & Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb:Life as a wandering musician used to be easy for Tisik. Then his plan of wining, dining, and bedding his way across the fairy world is ruined when he’s wrongfully accused of seducing a prince by magic—which happens to be illegal.

Nido is assigned to Tisik as a guardian. His task is to bring Tisik to trial in the king’s city. Nido too was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, so he’s sympathetic to Tisik’s situation. Not to mention that he finds Tisik irresistibly sexy. But Nido has to stay focused; if he fails to bring Tisik to trial, he’ll be locked away in the catacombs again.

As they travel, Tisik becomes convinced of a plot to frame him. Since he can’t look forward to a fair trial, he decides to actually use his magic to seduce Nido and then run for it. And though it turns out Nido is all too willing to be seduced, the affection that follows catches each man by surprise. With the trial looming, Nido faces an impossible decision–send the man he loves to wrongful imprisonment, or sacrifice his own freedom.


Review: This is one of those books with a very interesting premise that gets overshadowed by lots of sex. It starts out kind of ominous with one of the MCs thinking he’s doomed to a very long life in the worst kind of imprisonment and stripped of all his magic. He’s to be released if he completes his task of taking a prisoner to the city to be judged. Being released never happens so of course he’s thrilled to be freed. What he realizes along the journey is that the man he has to deliver is also wrongfully persecuted and by delivering him he’s essentially condemning him to the life he just escaped.

When we first meet Tisik there’s this magical feel about the story. You’re whisked into a world of Fae and gods. Kings and spoiled princes. It’s all promptly shut down when Tisik is accused of using his magic to woo the prince into bed. Tisik’s power is very strong and he could use it for nefarious deeds but he did not need it to seduce the prince. Doesn’t seem to matter though. For some reason he’s being singled out. Nido takes his charge Tisik and travels through a magical forest where the two get to know each other. The forest is a dangerous place most won’t travel. The two have some adventures with the creatures and unruly magic dispensed by the forest itself. The plot is pretty interesting although I thought the ending felt kind of rushed. Basically if it wasn’t for abundant amounts sex and insta lust I think I would have enjoyed this book more. Nido’s struggle with his freedom from his imprisonment and doing the right thing was compelling. He’s also fairly powerless against the gods who control him. So there’s a real sense of helplessness that’s frustrating. I liked the world building and the MCs. IF you don’t mind the sex and like fantasy I’d say this is definitely worth a read. It k ept my interest well into the night.

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