His Deception

img_4953Author: Patricia Rosemoor

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: In an explosive novel from the bestselling author of Dangerous—hailed by Virna DePaul as “smooth, sexy, and suspenseful”—deception and desire intertwine as an undercover bodyguard gets too close to the woman he’s sworn to protect.

Tabloid drama isn’t Katelyn Wade’s style. The illegitimate daughter of a notorious tycoon, Katelyn has worked hard to build a successful business on her own terms. She doesn’t put much stock in the rumors that she’s being targeted by someone with a vendetta against her father—until one of her employees at her restaurant turns up dead. Suddenly, she can’t trust anyone. Especially not her new bartender, a man with an instinct for trouble . . . and a body made for sin.

 Katelyn has no idea that Thorne Hudson is being paid to protect her. He certainly never meant to seduce her. Crossing professional lines never ends well, especially when the slightest distraction could put both their lives at risk. But even Thorne’s military resolve, honed by years of training, is no match for Katelyn’s undeniable sex appeal. And after one taste of her lush lips pushes him past the edge of temptation, Thorne aches to tell her the truth—just as soon as he knows she’s safe from harm.


Review: When I first started this book, I was really concerned about what Thorne Hudson was doing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. His sinister arrival into town began with a very suspicious phone call to an unnamed stranger discussing his job, parking with his car facing out in the back of the lot for privacy and a fast getaway, and checking the area out thoroughly for threats. What was he doing there? Especially when we find out that Katelyn’s father was being threatened and she was the intended target.

Katelyn Ward was starting over in Lake Geneva, creating her own dream by owning and running The Lakeside Guest House and Cafe. After getting her hospitality and tourism degree at the University of Wisconsin, she’d worked at a hotel in Milwaukee until she’d felt ready to go out on her own. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Aaron Starkman wasn’t happy about their breakup and kept bugging her even after the move, but that was really the only fly in the ointment.

She was really loving running her own place–if only she could keep her employees! She’d had to replace her wait staff and caretaker already, and now that her bartender and friend Sam had disappeared, she was probably going to have to replace him as well. Luckily, handsome stranger Thorne Hudson had shown up with bartending skills as well as sexy looks. He might have more uses than just his bartending skills…

She also wasn’t ready to pay attention to her father’s concern about some threats he’d been receiving–and she absolutely refused to let him send a bodyguard to protect her. She didn’t even have the same last name, and she was far enough away from Chicago and his family to keep her safe–or so she thought.

As events unfolded between Katelyn and Thorne, the suspense kept pace with their burgeoning romance in a perfect blend of romantic heat and chilling suspense that kept me guessing until the very end. Great read!

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