Family of Lies: Sebastian (Audio)

Author: Sam Argent

Narrator: Cornell Collins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 5 stars narration: 5 stars story

Buy Links: DSP

Type: audiobook

Received from Publisher

Blurb: Sebastian Orwell did the only thing a smart wizard could do when he stumbled upon the wounded Crown Prince: he healed him and dumped him in a tavern where he could continue not being Sebastian’s problem. Unfortunately, the prince isn’t content with being alive, and he hunts Sebastian down to thank him personally. Not only is Sebastian stuck with the prince’s unwanted affections, he’s also confronted by growing evidence linking the assassination attempt to someone from his father’s past.

Lord Orwell is a lot of things: thief, liar, drunk, and all around horrible father, but Sebastian knows he’s no murderer. In order to prove it, Sebastian has to keep the prince alive long enough to discover the truth—a task made considerably harder because the idiot prince prefers wooing Sebastian over securing his own survival. On top of everything, Sebastian needs to save the day without revealing his magical powers and the real reason he hides his appearance.

Sebastian had no intention of playing the hero, but whoever is stirring up shit in his country will pay for destroying his quiet life.


Review: This was one of my favorite books from last year. When I saw the audiobook was released I couldn’t resist revisiting the story again. Considering I loved this book so much I knew going in I’d probably be picky about the narration. I have to say I almost loved the audio version more! The narrator was amazing. This book has a HUGE cast of characters with big personalities. He managed to make great distinction between them all by capturing the essence of their characters. He didn’t just change his voice a little here or there. I knew the minute someone started talking which character it was. I seriously think I loved the characters more after listening to him. The narrator also manages to deliver the fabulous humor of this book perfectly. Each character has their way about them in this story and he nailed them all. Especially Sebastian and his family. I can say without even thinking twice that this may be one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to. The story is amazing and the narrator brings it all the life in the best way possible. This one is pure entertainment.

Sebastian comes from a family with questionable scruples that’s charged with watching the magical forest. It’s an important job given to the very magical family. His father and mother have a reputation of squandering their money and doing outlandish things to make more. So when Sebastian comes across an assassination attempt on the prince he does his best to keep it a secret. Not only will his family use it to make money, but Sebastian doesn’t want the attention. He’s spent his entire life under a magical cloak to hide his appearance. Basically the last thing he needs is praise for saving Prince Turren. Turren figures out who his hero is and uses it to get close to Sebastian again. He’s spent years pining away for the brilliant boy from the crazy family in the woods. Sebastian does his best to resist the prince wooing him but he prince is persistent. Sebastian and his family are further pulled in when the assassination attempts on the Prince continue.

The love story in this book was a lot of fun. It’s very sexy because the guys have to sneak away and steal the moments when they can. There’s also a lot of resistance on Sebastian’s part. Not because he’s not attracted to Turren but because he thinks falling for a prince is the worst idea ever. For many reasons. They start their relationship with some bad history so there’s also the love hate thing going for them. I LOVE how Turren breaks stubborn Turren down with flirting and kindness. Because of Sebastians appearance, that’s part of the mystery, he hasn’t had a lot of one on one affection. Certainly not from suitors. The entire set up is just a lot of fun.

As I said above the characters in this story are fantastic. This family is so shady but totally lovable. They really give this story a richness. This is a book that will be one of my go to for rereads because I love it so much and it was better the second time around. I love all the magical elements. The battles of good versus evil. The mystery involved on who the bad guy is and what he wants with Turren. There’s mystery and action. Lots of humor. I can’t say enough good things about this book. I highly recommend it to fantasy lovers. Or anybody who likes a humorous book with great characters and a compelling story really. Either version is fantastic in my opinion.


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