Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow

Author: Sera Kane

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novella

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Culinary school is hard enough for Aimes Cully without mixing in an utterly underwhelming physical appearance—too small, too delicate, too red-haired, too freckled, too human—added with the inability to magically improve the food—still too human—and facing the too beautiful, too fae-looking Aleksi’s teases and taunts. When rumors surface that Aimes’s older brother’s success is a lie, Aimes is determined to prove them wrong and show that pure-blooded humans are the equal of anyone with mixed blood.

But things get worse after Aimes is caught in a faerie ring and transported to the fae hollow of Lord Keanewyeth Ordioral. As the attraction heats up, it becomes obvious that there’s something wrong in the magical home. A cursed creature appears, and everything becomes jumbled as the secrets of their lives collide into a painful concoction of Aimes’s past and Keanewyeth’s present. But if they can meld their talents, they might be able to save each other.


Review: This is a new to me author. A fantasy short sounded like a great way to see if I’m interested in reading more. The world building was fairly complex given the length. So much so that I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something the entire book. There was more telling than showing for sure. All of this left me disconnected from the characters and the story.

The book starts with Aimes being dared to pick magical mushrooms in the forest. He should say no but after being double dog dared he can’t say no. He’s captured sort of by Lord Keanewyth and has to pledge himself to the Fae for a year and a day or do something improbable to pay for his trespassing in the Lord’s Hollow. Aimes is pure human which is apparently rare in according Keanewyeth. The two have an attraction that Keanewyeth tries to fight because it’s wrong to lust for or force pleasure from a captive. He has no desire to be like his father.

I won’t go into all the twists and turns the burdened plot takes. It’s a lot for a short book and honestly I just didn’t grasp it all. Aimes had his charming moments. Keanewyeth has a good heart and played the martyred hero well. Their insta/love lust however didn’t really work for me which was another miss. To sum up this story it’s a fast paced fantasy short that lacked details I think I needed to fully enjoy it.

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