Catching Summer (Second Chances #6)

catchingcover82728-mediumAuthor: L.P. Dover

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Former nurse Summer Jacobs has seen her fair share of suffering, but she never expected tragedy to hit so close to home. After watching her husband die in the MMA ring, Summer spends the next two years fighting her way through the darkness. The last thing she needs is another hardheaded athlete turning her life upside down. But that’s exactly what happens when she meets a gridiron star who’s as skilled at stealing hearts as he is at snagging passes.
Carolina Cougars wide receiver Evan Townsend usually has no problem winning fans, so he’s intrigued when Summer shoots down his go-to plays for winning a woman’s attention. Never one to back down from a challenge, Evan turns up the heat, setting off sparks that neither can deny. But as his slow seduction begins to chase away Summer’s pain, he gets the feeling that someone is desperate to keep them apart. Now Evan will do anything to protect her—because he never misses a chance to make a perfect catch.


Review: This is a great romantic suspense novel in a series that I’m planning on reading soon, but I had absolutely no problem reading this one standalone. It was emotional and complicated with a pretty suspenseful arc that kept me guessing until about three-fourths of the way through. It was a great, fast read that anyone would love!

Summer has been through hell. Watching her husband Austin get beaten to death in an illegal underground fighting ring was horrible, and it’s taken her two and a half years and a change of scenery to do it. But now she, along with her sister Lara and Austin’s brother Grayson, have opened the restaurant that had been their dream.

Now she just needs to revive her private life. When a chance to renew her nursing credentials comes up through her sister’s best friend Kate, she grabs it. Of course it means working with some Carolina Cougars football players. She expects it to be tough but she’s actually looking forward to being around people again. Of course, she’s not aware that Evan has been waiting for this opportunity–the opening he’s been watching for to engage with Summer as more than friends. When he asks her to go to a party with him, it opens her eyes to the possibilty of a new love. When things start heating up between them, it’s like a dream come true.

However, there seems to be someone determined to keep that from happening. Evan’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay is giving them a hard time and nearly succeeds in breaking them up. Another teammate also seems determined to mix things up, and then suddenly another team’s player is determined to give Evan a hard time–on and off the field. What’s going on?

It’s got flashbacks that help you know enough of her history to keep you up to speed, and the suspense slowly develops so that you’re finding the info you need as it comes up in the story arc. I’m planning on reading more of this author because I think she’s pretty great! Thanks

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