Sky Children (Lacuna Chronicles #2)

Author: A.M. Daily

Publisher: Self

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  The Earth is dying. News of the systematic extermination of the Ezri, Mechi, and humankind alike has spread to the five sister planets, and has followed Caden and his traveling companions halfway across the galaxy to Aurora. Led by the mysterious shared dreams of the Ezri, Caden’s search for Lacuna, the abandoned world of his people, continues.

As Caden struggles to adapt to his newfound freedom and to the inevitable awakening of his Ezri mind, he must rely on Mikas’ quick-thinking and Senka’s ancient knowledge to guide their desperate quest. When Caden and Senka manage to secure a ship and an adventurous pilot willing to transport fugitives from Aurora to the outer reaches of space, Lacuna seems closer than ever.

But when old ghosts and past mistakes return with a vengeance to haunt the present, bonds of friendship and love will be tested and stretched across space and time itself.


Review: This book was fantastic! If you haven’t read book one I’d suggest you not read this review past the first paragraph. I’ll try not to spoil but there are major events I can’t avoid mentioning and that might lessen the anticipation built up in book one. I’ve been looking forward to Sky Children’s release from the minute I finished Lacuna. Like Lacuna this one also ends on a cliffhanger that left my mind reeling with possibilities. In this world they really are endless. There’s space travel so that opens up different worlds and cultures. Different beings! Social classes. This is the journey of 3 young men and their search for a taste of freedom. For a chance at a happiness and love. A chance to live a life not under the thumb of tyrants. The world building in this series is lush and abundant. The characters are complex with traumatic pasts that are intertwined. I’m so glad I’ve gotten the chance to read this series. Anybody who likes sci fi or post apocalyptic worlds will probably enjoy this trilogy.

Sky Children picks up where we left of in Lacuna. Caden, Senka and Mikas barely escaped Earth with the passports Blue gifted them. Caden and Senka realize they’re feelings go much much deeper than friendship. Senka has a way of quieting Caden’s nightmares. They don’t totally go away but Caden is able to find some peace. This allows some growth for his character in this book. Somewhere jumbled in those nightmares may be an ability to see prophecies or past events he shouldn’t be privy to. He doesn’t really know how to interpret all that. All they know is that the Ezri originated on Lacuna and they need to find it. That’s their quest. As Caden finds himself and embraces his relationship with Senka that leaves Mikas as a third string. Mikas is on a strange new planet filled with possibilities but they’re essentially fugitives with no valid identities. Mikas still has the same protective streak when it comes to Caden so he hangs around. Mikas doesn’t trust or like Senka so there’s a lot of tension there.

Blue is still my absolute favorite character. I was a little worried he wouldn’t play as large of a part in this book given he was back on Earth in book 1 but that wasn’t the case. Blue does hit rock bottom after the heartbreak he experienced. His pain and anger guts me. He’s become hardened and bitter. He manages to go on and build up Loki’s empire for a while but it’s obvious it won’t last. Earth is fading fast and the Terah are making life more desperate by the day for the people under their control. The power and money are not making Blue happy either. He has to take a chance on the unknown. For Blue this story had a lot of resolutions. Again I won’t spoil but I will say that things happen that I did not see coming. I was shocked and thrilled! Nothing in this world is easy or as it seems.

We’re introduced to a new Ezri named Xiah unlike Caden or Senka. Xiah builds ships. Has a wild zest for life and is strangely powerful. He also has zero regard for the history of the Ezri. He’s basically just out for himself. Xiah’s need for adventure gets him tangled up in Caden’s trouble. Despite a volatile start he eventually forms a close friendship with Mikas that hints at a possibility of more. Maybe.

It’s so tricky to review a book with this many twists and turns without giving away too many details. Again the pace of this book is slow but the way it’s written every moment carries a feeling of anticipation. It’s all built up on layers of information. Like a puzzle you need to figure out. Each piece gets you closer to the final picture. Whatever that is. The characters and their journeys are compelling. I need to know that they’ll all be okay. I want them to find happiness. I want their questions answered. I want to know so many things about what will happy next. I thought the story arcs and world building from Lacuna were fantastic but the story lines introduced Sky Children exceeded it. I can’t recommend this series enough. I LOVED this book!

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