The Last Favor

Author: Meg Harding

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novella

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Three years ago Andrew Wilson and Flynn Barnett were in a relationship, until Flynn made a mistake that nearly cost Andrew his life. Andrew walked away from the FBI, his home, and his partner, and started over back in Montreal, running a restaurant.

Fast forward to the present and Andrew is knee-deep in preparations for his sister’s wedding. When an ex-colleague calls to ask for one last favor, the last person he expects to walk through his door is Flynn, in need of a place to stay. Only thing is, Andrew can’t say no.

Two weeks of wedding hijinks bring back all the old feelings that have simmered below the surface. Caught in a cycle of fighting and making up, the two men try to figure out if there’s anything they can salvage. And even if there is, Andrew can’t be sure this time will be any different.


Review:  I really liked this book. I feel like for a Novella length book I got a whole lot of story. The story is split into parts of the MC’s relationship. The beginning and middle are shorter but give you a good idea of their personalities and problems in their relationship. The end Is the longest portion of the book. I think it maybe felt a bit choppy at first and I certainly would have liked some of the wholes filled in. However, I also felt like the way it was presented moved the book along at a nice pace to get to the reunion since that’s the part I most wanted to read about. Last Favor was a compelling quick read with great characters. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book.

Andy and Flynn are reunited after a break up years before because a former colleague calls to ask for a favor. He tells Andy he needs an ex-agent to be housed in an undisclosed location. Andy opens the door to learn the x-agent just happens to be the love of his life and his ex boyfriend, Flynn. Before the day that tore them apart Andy and Flynn were partners with the FBI. After that day Andy leaves his job and returns to Canada to put his life back together. The timing is especially bad because Andy’s staying with his family while they prepare his mother’s house for his sister’s wedding. The forced cohabitation proves to be uncomfortable initially but it’s just what these two stubborn men need since they obviously still love each other.

Flynn is just the type of character that intrigues me. He’s somewhat socially awkward. Curt and gruff. Difficult and quirky but brilliant and totally endearing. Andy is a perfect balance for him. He’s more likable and easy going. I enjoyed all of their time together on page. I enjoyed their reunion. On one hand they know each other so well. On the other they learn things they never knew about the other. They’ve also changed in subtle ways. There’s a lot of pain there between them that. They need to have the discussion they should have had years ago before Andy left but that’s easier said than done. It’s still raw after years apart and Flynn has to work out exactly what he wants to say to Andy since it’s his last chance to get him back and get it right. Their back and forth banter is brutal in the most entertaining way. Lots of smack talk but said with so much familiarity and affection it can’t help but show they still care. They also have their sweet moments of honesty. Flynn and Andy truly love each other. They just need to get past the hurt.

The family aspect of this story was pretty fun also. Andy’s mom kept sending the guys on impossible errands or tasks for the wedding that had me smiling. Lots of family around just makes a difficult situation that much harder. I laughed out loud a few times in this book. I adored the MCs. This book was a sweet and endearing read about two quirky flawed characters who are getting their second chance at getting it right. I particularly liked the balance of romance and humor in this one. Worth the read IMO.


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