Assassins Love People Too (Assassins in Love #2)

Author: SC Wynne

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: LId and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb:Dillon Carter’s boyfriend, Marc Francis, is a paid assassin. That little fact makes having a normal relationship very complicated. Especially when there are people out there in the big bad spy world who hate Marc so much the last thing they want is him to end up happy.

Obsessive enemies, ex-lovers and poisoned espresso do nothing to make Marc and Dillon’s trip to Italy relaxing. In fact, they’ll be lucky if they survive at all.


Review: The last book ended on a wicked little cliffhanger so I was looking forward to getting this one. Just like the first one it was suspenseful and sexy. This novella was also pretty angsty. In book one the guys fall hard and leave everything behind to take their chance at being together. Book two is them on the run from Julio, the baddie from book one who wants Marc dead.

I liked all of the inner turmoil from the POVs of both MCs. Dillon is understandably scared and way out of his element. Normal people do not think everyone is out to kill them. But that’s the reality he’s found himself in. Marc is still working so he’s alone a lot. Dillon can’t help but question if he’s more to Marc than just a lover since Marc is so closed off emotionally. Marc never wanted to fall for someone. Saying the words out loud prove harder than most of his jobs. In his profession it’s dangerous to have a weakness like caring for someone. He knows Dillon is the one way someone can get to him. Marc is also struggling with the prospect of retiring and being a “normal” person with a boyfriend for the first time ever in his life. He’s afraid Dillon won’t find him exciting anymore if he’s not an assassin. It’s a lot for a new relationship to withstand. Plus the whole people constantly trying to kill them thing is a problem.

I do have to say this book was fairly predictable. That’s not really a bad thing since we all saw this coming. It pretty much had to for the guys to move on. Dillon was frustrating in this book but again it’s not really his fault he’s a friendly guy who trusts people. AGAIN the ending was pretty brutal with a cliffhanger. Book 2 set up a new love story in the making that I’m looking forward to reading more about. It also brings Marc and Dillon right back into danger. These boys just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Lucky for me I like reading about it!

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