Love Me Like a Rock (Bend or Break #6)

Author: Amy Jo Cousins

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Samhain and Amazon

Type: Novella in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  In art and in love, it’s the rough edges that make things interesting.

Bend or Break, Book 6

Having grown up with artistic implements always in hand, there’s almost nothing Austin can’t make real. Except for one thing—an official relationship with his best friend, rowing teammate and occasional hookup, Vinnie. 

The combination of emotional and sexual frustration fuels a spark between Austin and the nude model in his drawing class. Austin isn’t used to having trouble focusing; models are merely challenging subjects to be rendered on paper. But the geology TA’s direct blue gaze is powerful enough to drag Austin’s focus away from his…physique.

After a quick and verydirty post-class encounter, all the reasons that Austin has been waiting for his best friend go fuzzy in his mind. Sean is nothing like Vinnie. Sean is persistent, pays attention, and makes it clear he wants to be together.

But if Austin can’t get his head and his heart on the same page, he could lose his friend, or his lover. Or both.

Product Warnings: Contains rock geeks, tent sex, a dictatorial cox whose idea of a good time is drawing naked dudes, plus one naked dude who wants to be more than a good time.


Review:  This was a sexy novella featuring the quirky artsy and part of the rowing team Austin. He’s been featured in previous books but I do feel like this one could be read as a standalone. There’s some history between Austin and one of his other roommates and life long friend Vinnie. Both are gay. They sometimes hook up. But only when Vinnie is drunk. Austin has held out hope for years that Vinnie will one day return his feelings of wanting them to be more. Then Sean appears in his life. Sean has been interested in Austin for a year now but couldn’t get up the nerve to approach him. Austin is instantly attracted to him and they give into their lust quickly. Sean isn’t just interested in a one time thing though. Which leaves Austin torn between the guy he’s convinced himself he’s waiting for and the one who wants to be with him.

I really liked this book. Sean was so good for Austin. He’s supportive but never lets himself get lost. Austin gets in his zones. He’s led a privileged life with money. His mom is a famous Government official. He’s not really a spoiled little rich boy but it’s obvious they come from a different economic upbringing. Sean shows Austin what it’s like to be wanted. Austin warns Sean from the start he’s basically unavailable and that it’s a casual thing. Sean sets out to show Austin just how good being with him can be. Sexually and emotionally.

One of the more compelling parts of this story is watching Austin fall in love with Sean. He doesn’t even know it’s happening. For him he’s always been so hung up on Vinnie he’s never had anything close to a relationship with a man. Which is exactly what he has with Sean despite not knowing it. It was fun to read about. I’ve really enjoyed most of this series. The characters are fun but flawed. The MCs are sexy as hell. They have some great banter and flirting. I liked this one quite a bit. Lots of emotionally charged steam between the MCs. Great development of characters. Definitely worth the read IMO.



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