My Tempting Highlander (Highland Hearts #3)

tempcover79632-mediumAuthor: Maeve Greyson

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Cursed to live forever with neither wife nor child, Ronan Sutherland has watched all he cherishes turn to dust—more than once. For hundreds of years, he’s been trapped behind the mists of Loch Ness, hoping to identify the one woman who is prophesied to break the spell. Now, at last, the fates have aligned, and he’s being sent into the future to fetch her. After a single glimpse, Ronan knows he’s been waiting all his life for this passionate woman.

Unlike her time-traveling sisters, Mairi Sinclair is perfectly content to remain in the present. As a hospital nurse in Edinburgh, she cherishes the opportunity to put her gift of healing powers to good use. But everything changes the morning a mysterious wolf darts in front of her car. Touching the wounded creature’s tawny coat, a tingle surges through her. Yet when she returns with aid, Mairi is shocked to find instead a man with broad shoulders and fire in his eyes—a man who tempts her to unleash the animal within.


Review: Wow, wow, wow! This didn’t come across as any normal (?) historical paranormal. I’ve read several and this one felt more grounded and made more sense to me–don’t know why. Possibly because there wasn’t a lot of shifting around and maybe because the romantic storyline was so strong?  Yep, I think that’s it. The character development was also really well done, with the relationship allowed to get where it was going without a lot of angst and shenanigans.

Mairi Sinclair likes living in the twenty-first century. Working as a nurse in Edinburgh is satisfying even if she hasn’t been able to find true love. There’s no way she wants to go back in time like two of her sisters have and LIVE there. ACK! Somehow, though, she’s tricked into it by her grandmother, who’s set her up with the man of her dreams, literally.

Ronan is very uncomfortable with visiting the future, and the only reason he’d agreed to it was because he was assured he’d find the woman he was destined for. It might have helped if he’d known how argumentative and unwilling Mairi was, though. Even though he keeps seeing signs that seem to signal that she’s the one, her attitude kind of makes him doubt the whole thing. Especially since she seems to like his wolf form better than his human one.

I’m not going to try to explain all the dynamics at play other than to say that to enable Ronan, his mother and his friend to get rid of their curse, Mairi is going to have to go back in time and marry him. She’s geared up for that–she understands and wants to help–but Ronan keeps leaving things out that really make her distrust him. Like about how long they have to be married and exactly why he’s so delighted that she loves dragons? It’s enough to make a girl feel a little uncertain.

Ronan’s in it for love but it takes Mairi a little longer to get in the game. You’ll enjoy the banter and the atmosphere but more than that, you’ll enjoy the slow slide into love the two character’s share. Of course, the great sex scenes don’t hurt. I’m ready to go back and read the other two sister’s stories because there was enough of them to make me intrigued. Thanks!


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