Author: Annie Kaye

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Amid the tumult of the Iowa Democratic primary, young but brilliant speechwriter Tom McAlindon meets Nathan Harris, the deputy campaign manager for an opposing candidate. Their acquaintance is strictly professional until an impetuous kiss on a cold winter night leads them into a secret romance. As their feelings deepen, both men struggle with the complications of keeping the relationship separate from their jobs and the inner workings of the campaigns.

But in the nation’s most high-stakes political game, no secret is truly safe. When an observer realizes their connection, Tom and Nate discover that striving for the best of both worlds has a much higher cost than they bargained for… and that love can’t survive while Nate is hiding the truth from Tom.


Review: Politics. It’s a pretty exciting topic if you ask me. While I liked the story I think it bogged down in details. So much of the book was day to day tasks of those on the campaign trail that it became monotonous and really slowed the pace of the story. The guys don’t have much page time together so the romance versus the MC’s lives and jobs made it feel unbalanced to me.

Tom and Nate work for opposing Democratic Presidential candidates. Each camp if fighting it out state to state to win the nomination. Hooking up with the enemy is an unwritten no no in the political campaign world. These two just can’t seem to help it despite trying. What starts out as a hook up turns into much much more. The guys struggle with keeping their secret and finding the time to be together. Of course keeping their candidates secrets from the enemy closes off a lot of who they are but it also helps them enjoy the time they have together.

I liked the couple in this one. The forbidden secret angle is a thing I like to read about and Tom and Nate have a very good reason to keep their relationship secret. The problem was it really never managed to build any intensity or desperation to be together I’d hoped for. Nate constantly struggled with keeping the secret of their affair from the coworkers on his side of the campaign and Tom’s. There was some telling about desperation. I just didn’t feel it. Nate also lost his much needed focus at the height of the primary season because of his guilt and infatuation with Tom which creates problems. Tom didn’t stress about keeping the secret much but he did bring the angst in regards to having insecurity about their relationship. Tom also somehow had a lot more down time than Nate.

Sadly this one wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped it would be. I liked the last third of the book the most. We got less of the campaign and more of the guys living their lives and working through their issues. I liked Tom and Nate as individuals and as a couple but I doubt they’ll be very memorable in a few weeks. The entire book just had kind of a flat tone to it.


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