Hidden Heat (Brothers of Mayhem #1)

hiddenmccover77500-mediumAuthor: Carla Swafford

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: Loveswept & Amazon

Type: First Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Cassidy Ryder refuses to be intimidated by anyone, even the hell-raising, hard-drinking Brothers of Mayhem. The daughter of their former president, she’s not above smashing a few heads to keep her teenage brother safe. But when Cassidy’s big mouth gets her in trouble, the only thing that saves her is some quick thinking from the Brothers’ bartender. He’s commanding and strong, and as smooth as the whiskey he pours: the ultimate temptation for a girl who swore she’d never be a biker’s plaything.

But Thorn Savalas is no ordinary biker. He’s a cop, and he’s worked too hard earning the Brothers’ trust to blow his cover over a female—even one who rocks a pair of jeans like Cassidy. The only way to protect her is by claiming she’s his old lady. Trouble is, Thorn can’t just pretend. He wants Cassidy, and every scorching touch tells him she feels the same. But acting on their hottest fantasies could leave them both exposed . . . even if nothing else has ever felt so real.


Review: Cassidy Ryder had grown up in an MC. Her father Easy had been the Skull and he’d murdered her mother when she was a teenager, leaving Cassidy and her younger brother Storm all alone. She’s desperate to keep Storm from joining the MC their father had led, but as he gets closer to eighteen, he seems determined Tti do it against her wishes.

Thorn Savalas was working undercover in the Brothers of Mayhem MC, trying to get the info on a huge bust. He’d been setting it up for eighteen months and he wasn’t about to let this woman and her quest to stop her brother from joining the MC get in his way. Unfortunately, somehow their fates got connected, though, and he was having to protect her and keep the fact he was a cop from her and deal with all the crazies in the MC and a boss from hell all at the same time. It was cray cray. How was he going to keep juggling all these balls in the air?

The internal suspense along with the emotional chemistry between Thorn and Cassidy was very entertaining. This take differed a lot from other MC books I’ve read, where the action was actually between the club members and not from outside. While I had some trouble getting into the story, the ending worked well for this couple but left a lot of questions in the air for the future of the club. Series, anyone? Thanks!

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