House of Paine (House of Paine #1)

paineAuthor: Kylie Walker

Publisher: Self

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Paige Acosta’s world is flipped upside down when she learns her brother Greg, an undercover NYPD cop, has died from an accidental heroin overdose. Paige knows this was no ‘ACCIDENT’.

Greg was obsessed with bringing down the two largest crime rings in New York: The Paine and Kramer families.

Paige is already familiar with the head of the Paine family…he was married to her mother for five years. To avenge her brother’s death, she drops everything and finds herself immersed in a world filled with tension, terror and the threat of death.

Paige learns just how far she’ll go to discover who murdered her brother…and questions how far she’s willing to go with the son of the man who started it all.

Full-length novel with NO CLIFFHANGER. Intended for 18+ readers due to violence and sex scenes.


Review: This book had a lot of great ideas and a plot line that was unbelievably huge. Taking on the intricacies of the mob, the death of a brother causing a sister to look for revenge, simmering chemistry for a bad, bad man…it was packed.

Grace was determined to find out what had really happened to her brother, Greg. She knew he was a great cop and would never have gotten hooked on heroin–even though he’d died of an overdose. Greg had always hated their stepdad for his links to the mob. As soon as he’d become a cop, he’d started his search for a way to take Jackson Paine down, working in a rival gang lead by Paul Kramer.

Grace decided to go undercover to continue her brother’s work. That might be problematic since her ex-stepdad’s bound to recognize her…

Damien Paine is hating his life. He and his brother Alex had sworn to their mom they wouldn’t enter their dad’s illegal business. Unfortunately, at her death they’d had no choice. Living the life of a mob guy makes him very uncomfortable; having to watch his brother become more and more like their dad is Hell. When he meets the beautiful Grace, finds out her connection to his dad, and finds more evidence of his dad’s evil, he becomes even more ready to get out of the mob…and bring Grace with him.

But what will it take to escape his father’s control? There’s usually only one way to get out, but he’s not ready to die.

Some grammatical errors made this an uneven read for me, but the story was great enough to make me continue and finish. Thanks!

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