MisTaken (Miss Match #1.5)

mistakenAuthor: Laurelin McGee

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Publisher and Amazon

Type: Novella in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Previously published in the anthology, Hot Alphas, MisTaken is now available as a standalone novella!

Jaylene Kim is an independent woman who’s never had a man tell her what to do. But when her smolderingly hot and mysterious neighbor introduces her to a few new rules in the bedroom, Jaylene must learn to relinquish control…if she is to run wild with passion


Review: This short novella includes some of our friends from Miss Match, but it easily reads as a stand alone. The writing is funny and sharp and includes a spoiler which I’m not going to give away in this review. It’s got two characters who dispel some myths for each other and of course, there’s the twu lurve.

Jay admits that going on the blind date with Blake Donovan was a huge mistake–teach her to listen to her neighbor/friend Andy. But the evening wasn’t a total waste since she got to meet Noah.

Noah’s just moved into the building and he’s already met a gorgeous girl. He really wants to get to know her but he can’t let on what he does for a living. It frequently freaks some people out. Unfortunately, soon after meeting Jay, he finds out she’s one of them.

But he also finds out a secret about her as well, which makes him think that maybe they aren’t as far apart after all!

Cute fast read about two people stumbling into love despite themselves. #Compromise

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