Save of the Game (Scoring Chances #2)

Author: Avon Gale

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  After last season’s heartbreaking loss to his hockey team’s archrival, Jacksonville Sea Storm goalie Riley Hunter is ready to let go of the past and focus on a winning season. His new roommate, Ethan Kennedy, is a loud New Yorker with a passion for social justice that matches his role as the team’s enforcer. The quieter Riley is attracted to Ethan and has no idea what to do about it.

Ethan has no hesitations. As fearless as his position demands, he rushes into things without much thought for the consequences. Though they eventually warm to their passionate new bond, it doesn’t come without complications. For their relationship to work, Ethan will need to learn when to keep the gloves on and let someone help him—and Riley will have to learn it’s okay to let someone past his defenses.


Review:  Another goodie from Avon Gale! I’ve been loving everything she writes. While I can’t say that I loved this one as much as the first one, it was still a very good read. I would say you should read these in order. There are a lot of character’s and their stories overlapping in books one and two. Save the Game alternates between the POVs of both MCS Riley and Ethan. I really liked this because it gives you a very different perspective of the guys and how they see the things.

Riley is the focused shy goalie that became friends with Lane in book one. He gets a call for a ride from his teammate Ethan who stayed with him a bit the previous season. Ethan being the carefree slacker type comes back to Jacksonville for the season without making living arrangements. Riley doesn’t really like living alone all the time so he invites him to come stay with him. In book one we were left wondering if Riley is into guys and we find out pretty quickly he’s definitely into Ethan. It doesn’t take Ethan very long to realize he’s into exploring something with Riley either.

Both men have been with women and neither has been with men. So it’s a first for them both. I think one of the things I really liked about this book was how both MCs knew they wanted the other but getting over their mental hump of actually being physical with a man was a bit of a struggle. They start with kissing and making out which they like. It’s the hard dicks that give them pause. They want it but it’s awkward and they make it more awkward until they basically dare each other to get with. Then they just go crazy on each other. I have to commend this author for the way she built the tension in this portion of the book. It’s all very fun and sexy. Lip biting and playful banter. Fantasizing. I felt the intensity of it. I just thought the way their relation evolved seemed very realistic and not just going right at it. The falling in love part the men were pretty open to. There’s also the D/s kink going on in this book. It’s light and mostly reserved for the bedroom but the guys are really into so it does add to the overall sexiness of the scenes.

Once again the teams is mostly open to two guys being together with the exception of the new guy but they get to the bottom of his problem thanks to Riley’s kindness and Ethan’s joking manner. I have to say I love the coach and his speeches or foul mouthed rants. He cracks me up! It was a pretty angst free book. The only real tension came from Riley hiding how rich he is and Ethan’s reaction to depending on someone after he was let down by his father. I was thrilled to get some page time from Jared and Lane in this book because for me there’s just never enough of them. There are some returning characters from book one who play a part in the story. This book focused on family. Riley’s is super rich and his parents are super cold. No hugs. No joy. No genuine interest in what Riley did. Ethan’s is the opposite. They never had much money but they had each other no matter what. Lots of love and warmth. I loved Ethan’s sisters. I appreciate the diversity, kindness and humor of the women in Ms. Gale’s stories.

There’s just something that feels cozy about settling into one of Avon Gale’s book. You care about her characters. You feel like you get to know them. She writes beautiful love stories with very little angst. Lots of humor and witty banter which I love! This book didn’t have as much ice time as the previous book which some people may like. There’s still plenty of hockey for those of us that love it. This is another win for this author IMO. As usual I highly recommend it.

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