Frisked in Fondant (Tulle and Tulips #6)

img_4556Author: Nikki Duncan 

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Samhain and Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


BlurbA kiss by any other name would never taste as sweet as his. 

When Gisella Sands isn’t busy creating magical wedding cakes, she shows the outside world the lighthearted, teasing manner that fools everyone, even her friends at Tulle and Tulips. Once she’s home alone with her cats, the façade falls away. No one would guess that her tragic past is her only companion in the night. Or that this confectionary genius has never tasted the sweetness of a man’s kiss.

The less Kyle Riley talks, the more others fill the silence—a handy skill for a homicide detective, not so much for a social life. Dedicated to his job, he’s never been tempted to take more than one taste of any woman. Until he responds to a home invasion and finds Gisella, the bridesmaid he walked down the aisle at a friend’s wedding, bleeding on the floor.

In a heartbeat, all thoughts of keeping his professional distance disintegrate. But when the heat melts the walls guarding their secrets, their recipe for one perfect night could fall flat.

Warning: Contains a man who rarely strings more than fifteen syllables together, and a woman who can read him like a cookbook. When strong and silent meets sweet and bubbly, something’s bound to boil over.


Review: I really enjoyed this little snippet of a tale. It was hot and sexy romantic suspense with just enough mystery to make it perfect.

Kyle is working overtime trying to solve a series of home invasions that have been happening in his town. His concern is the escalation of the break ins, both in frequency and violence. And when the next one happens, it hits close to the heart. The gorgeous woman he’d met recently at a wedding, the one that he’d really liked but then never called. Maybe this was a sign?

Gisella Sands is an amazing baker and she loves her job. Unfortunately, she’s already been through a home invasion before, one that left her orphaned and both of her parents dead. When Kyle shows up the night of the invasion, she’s so happy to see a familiar face.

As Kyle continues to investigate the crimes, he decides that he should be the one to take care of Giselle. Even though he’s been warned by the chief of police, aka his dad, not to get involved with the subject of a case, he can’t help being drawn to her.

But will things work out between this experienced cop who’s not into commitment and the naive baker whose inexperience makes her feel so insecure?

Read it and find out!

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