Whit’s Best of ’15

Coming up with a list of my favorites isn’t at all hard for me. I LOVE books! What’s hard is limiting it to 11. I really struggled with this. Which is why mine is the last to go up. I was forced to leave off a few that I really felt should have made the list because Faye is evil and she makes me follow the rules. Pfffffttt…I really didn’t like leaving off Sacrati by Kate Sherwood. Or Breakaway by Avon Gale. Or Wedding Favors by Anne Tenino but Faye made me. She’s a mean lady~ Whit


1. The Lightning Struck Heart by TJ Klune

Nonstop hilarity meets brilliant fantasy. This book had me professing my love to everyone who would pay attention. It’s ridiculous and amazing. Who else besides Tj Klune can give you a super flamboyant mouthy unicorn and make it fit seamlessly into the the story? This will be one of those books I reread for years. I’ll buy every format it’s released in. I can’t even express how much I loved this book! Probably my favorite read of 2015.

2. Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford is my favorite. She is. So when she does fantasy I’m all in. This book was so damn good. I had to sit up in bed because the danger seemed so intense at times. I had complete faith in Kai but I couldn’t help but chew off all my nails. This one may not have sex but wow was it sexy. Kai denies Ryder’s advances at every turn. It’s practically bubbling with sexual anticipation. I could easily binge on these characters and this world for days and days. I need the next one right NOW! Freaking brilliant!

3. Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day    

Ethan Day is my man. I keep expecting the next book to be the one I don’t completely love but it never comes. I thought the fact that one of the MCs had a boyfriend would be a turn off. But he made it work! No other author has EVER been able to sway me in that way. He also writes the most charming and lovable characters. Main and secondary. They’re all awesome! I was laughing out loud and cheering for Jake and Levi. This one was also super sexy with some delicious tension.

4. Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet

Sloane and Dex. Seriously can you name a hotter shifter couple? They’re enough reason to read this series but you add an endless stream of secondary characters who make you laugh, frustrate  and endear you to them. There are so many story lines at play throughout this series that It makes every book in the series fascinating. Basically this book delivers on everything I wanted after finishing the last book and still gave me more. Whenever I get the next book in the Thirds series I want to savor every page because it’s always so damn good.

5. The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles

the-secret-casebook-of-simon-feximalWeirdly enough this is my first book by KJ Charles. I know! Historical Romance just isn’t my thing. This book however throws in some seriously creepy haunting from beyond. It’s a forbidden romance with danger lurking around every corner. From both man and ghost. I loved so much about this book. There were secret orders of good and bad guys. Corruption and power struggles. And Simon Feximal is exceedingly sexy. Never enough of his brooding intensity for me. Great book and beautiful cover.

6. Black on Blue by Carole Cummings

Carole Cummings wrote one of my favorite series ever Ghosts Own. So of course I had to read this one. I loved but I also want to smack the MCs. Lots of humor despite the dire situation they’ve found themselves in. The love story is a slow and turbulent build to a happy ending. The large cast of characters were developed well . The entire book is filled with danger and intrigue. You never know who to trust. It’s a puzzle that you love every minute of. It’s also funny and sexy with amazing unique world building. I can’t recommend it enough.

7. Family of Lies: Sebastian by Sam Argent

FamilyOfLiesSebastianLGI so loved this book. It’s one of the most memorable for me from 2015. It’s full of magic. A prince falling in love with a cloaked brutally honest young man from the crazy family in the woods named Sebastian. The best part for me was Sebastian family. They’re delightfully dysfunctional. Cunning and calculated. Ruthless and powerful. I found their dynamic fascinating and hilarious. There’s an assassination attempt of the young Prince which pulls Sebastian into a big mess that only he can save them from. I loved every minute of this book. I HIGLY recommend it.

8. With This Bling by LB Gregg

It’s been years since I’d read this series. Yet from the first few pages the characters felt familiar. As with all the other books of this series I laughed throughout it. Dan can do dirty talk like no other character I’ve ever read. The nonstop crazy situations these characters find themselves in are so much fun to read about. This book was witty and sexy. A must read!

9. Lacuna (Lacuna Chronicles #1) by AM Daily

This dystopian sci-fi story follows the lives of 3 very different young men surviving in a world taken over by a species from another planet. There’s a rebellion but for the most part everyone is under their control. The characters are complex and they’re clinging to very little hope that they’ll ever be truly happy again. They have each other. There’s really no way to sum up everything this story is in a few sentences. I’ll just say I don’t think the first book of this trilogy has gotten nearly enough word of mouth praise considering how good it is.





Wildcard: Keys (City of Keys #1) by Amber Kell (2015)

This book was a lot of fun. It’s about a city that was locked down after some bad people tried to do some bad things with magic. There’s rampant corruption. Everyone is at the mercy of those with power. Oss survived that corruption and now he’s got a pretty good gig with the city. He’s fine with the things he did to survive and would do again in a second if needed. Oss is also hiding a big secret. One that puts a target on him and might just save them all. This world was totally unique. The romance was great. It’s action packed. This was a really good book.


Whit is a cheating cheater who cheats extra books onto her list.~Faye

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