BookSmitten’s best of ’15

It’s time for best of the year lists again! They’re in no particular order. The books are all from ’15 plus one wildcard. ~ Faye
1. Mocker of Ravens (SPECTR 2, #1)  by Jordan L. Hawk

I love the dynamics of the relationship between the three MCs, coupled with the fact that two of them inhabit the same body! The concept is both fascinating and wonderfully executed.


I have completely fallen in love with Edmond Manning’s writing. It is stunning and lyrical with that fairy tale quality without being pretentious or overblown. His characters are flawed and perfect in their imperfection. King John is a turning point for both Vin (the MC) and the series, yet it holds weight in its own right where a lot of lynchpin books in series feel like they wouldn’t stand up on their own. Magical and thought-provoking, I loved very moment I spent with this book.

Amy Lane does broken, but beautiful like no-one else. She smashes your heart into little pieces, but by the end of the book it has been transformed into something wonderful. This book is so beautifully written and the characters complex and real and perfectly realised.

charmed-cover-450There are very few anthologies I truly love, but this one certainly breaks that rule. Every story showed a unique concept and were well written. Some of the authors I had already read, but it was fantastic to have the opportunity to read something from authors I had been meaning to check out for a while as well.

5. The Rascal by Eric Arvin

This is a good, old fashioned horror story and deliciously scary. It captured me right from the start and I could do nothing else but hang on for the ride!

6. Something Like Thunder by Jay Bell

Jay Bell has a way of creating characters that feel so very real and alive. Redemption, hope and love are themes that feature prominently in this book. Nathaniel is a character whose actions had caused pain when we first met him in a previous book, but when I got to know his story and the events that had shaped him I couldn’t help but want to see him find happiness. The author expertly interweaves the stories of his characters into each other’s paths throughout the Something Like… world, and it makes for a rich tapestry.

7. Ink and Shadows by Rhys Ford

This book ho-ink-and-shadowsas such a clever and intriguing premise. I found the characters so engaging and wanted to find out everything about them and their world. As the first book, I thought the world-building was great and I’m looking forward to future books in this series.

Great secondary characters, fantastic humour with laugh out loud moments, some hot smexy times, and a couple of MCs I completely fell in love with made this book a wonderful read. Second chances, new beginnings and a realisation or two that the reality of things aren’t always quite what they seemed in hindsight, along with the humour this author does so well, feature in this very enjoyable story.

9. Misfits by Garrett Leigh

I really love a well-told threesome romance, but find that the dynamics are often hard to balance well. In this story, the connection between all three and the love that grew between them felt really authentic. This book is now one of my all-time favourite m-m-m stories.

10. Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

Sweet and funny, but with a realness to it. I loved both MCs and felt for them trying to do the right thing and not act on their attraction to each other. Despite a seemingly difficult premise, this book struck a good balance and was a very enjoyable romance.

WILDCARD: Infected: Bloodlines (Infected #2) by Andrea Speed (2014)

I just had to give my wildcard pick to this heartbreaking, amazing book. These characters stayed with me for weeks after I finished their story. Okay, more like months! I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They managed to work their way into my heart when I wasn’t looking and refuse to leave. I’m okay with that.



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