Devin December

Author: Kate McMurray

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: A freak blizzard strands flight attendant Andy Weston at LaGuardia Airport on Thanksgiving. Tabloid reports about Hollywood It couple Devin Delaney and Cristina Marino breaking up in spectacular fashion keep Andy sane. And then Devin Delaney himself turns up at the gate Andy is working. Against all odds—and because there’s nothing else to do—Andy and Devin begin to talk, immediately connect, and, after Devin confesses the real reason he broke up with Cristina, have a magical night together snowed in at the airport. But the magic ends when Devin boards his flight home the next morning, and Andy assumes it’s over.

Then Devin turns up on his doorstep. Andy is game for a clandestine affair at first—who could turn down one of the hottest men on the planet? But he soon grows tired of being shoved in Devin’s closet. As Christmas approaches, it’s clear that this will never work unless Devin is willing to make some big changes. Devin has a holiday surprise in store—but will it be enough?


Review:  This is officially my favorite holiday read of this season. It starts around Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas eve. This book was sexy and funny. I was totally smitten with the couple. It’s novella length but I feel like I really got to know the characters. This was a perfect quick read with depth and a wonderful love story.

Andy is working at the airport tin New York the night before Thanksgiving when a freak snowstorm hits and strands thousands. One of those is the hunky Hollywood actor Devin Delaney who was just dumped by his starlet girlfriend. Andy is starstruck but he can tell Devin needs a friend. Doesn’t hurt that he’s friendly and hot. What he doesn’t expect is a returned interest in his attraction. They spend their night stranded at the airport making out and fooling around in secret. Both knowing it’ll be over when the runways are open in the morning. Devin has made it clear he can’t come out or it’ll ruin his career so Andy resolves himself to the memories until Devin appears on his doorstep.

I LOVED these two together. Though the story is told from Andy’s POV only I felt the struggle and pain Devin must be feeling to suppress and keep secret a part of himself so he can live his dream of being an actor. How he can’t be truly happy because others won’t accept him being a gay leading man. On the other side Andy is out and proud so he struggles with being Devin’s secret guy on the side. He tells himself they’ll ride it out as long as they can together because he wants Devin for as long as he can have them. Andy also fears for his heart because though he tells his head it won’t last he knows he’s falling for Devin. Devin and Andy are so damn good together but they can’t BE together. It’s kind of beautiful and tragic in a subtle modern way. They have amazing chemistry together. I loved every minute they spent together whether it’s talking or getting busy.

This book was also pretty funny. They guys had some good back and forth. I also really enjoyed hearing Andy’s thought process. He was open to the possibilities but smart about it as well. I liked how well they get along from the start despite being from very different worlds. This was a wonderful rich story with amazing characters. A great love story. All wrapped up in the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays. I highly recommend this one even if Christmas is over. If not this year then definitely put it on your list for next year or whenever. I loved it!

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