Sleigh Ride 2015 Advent Calendar: Fireworks and Resolutions, Worth the Wait

Author: Leandra Dohman, Caitlin Ricci & Cari Z

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars, 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP

Type: Short Stories

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Fireworks and Resolutions

Something big happened at the office Christmas party between Joseph and Carter, his coworker and ultimate crush. Too bad Joseph doesn’t remember it. Now, it’s New Year’s Eve, and Joseph finds himself locked in the bathroom with Carter. Joseph doesn’t understand why his natural confidence fizzles out whenever Carter is around, but the man reduces him to an awkward mess. If he can just find the courage to be himself, there might be more fireworks in his future than the ones they watch from the balcony.

Worth the Wait

When Tate promises his niece Addie he’ll get a book signed by her favorite author, he never expects to end up in a line four blocks long with sleet coming down around him. It’s three days until Christmas and he’s cold and miserable, but Addie will be devastated if he gives up.

A cute guy who offers him an umbrella is just the encouragement Tate needs to stick it out, especially when Brandon brings him something hot to drink. But the signing ends before Tate can get to the front of the line, and Tate is sure he’s ruined Christmas for his niece. Luckily Brandon gets him in to see the author, who happens to be his mother.

A simple thank you isn’t enough for Tate, and neither he nor Brandon wants to end things there. For two men unused to such an instant mutual attraction, the Christmas season just got a little more merry.


Review: Fireworks and Resolutions

Sexy and sweet little short about a guy who kissed his crush at an office Christmas party thanks to too much liquid courage. This is kind of their meet cute story and I enjoyed it enough I’d read more if it’s ever written. This one focuses more on New Years if you’re spacing out these stories for the holiday season. The tension and chemistry between the MCs was really good considering how short this book was. There was also hope for more to come because they were obviously smitten for each other. They shared some fun banter which was really just flirting. I’d totally hate being locked in the bathroom and confronted like that but since it wasn’t me I enjoyed it. Embarrassed blushing Joseph was fun to read about. I liked this one quite a bit.

Worth the Wait

This was a fun short story. Tate is a nice uncle and promises to get his niece who is overseas a signed copy of the newest book in her favorite series. He stands in line in the cold rain. This is where he’s approached by the cute stranger Brandon. Brandon gives him his umbrella and brings him a latte. The best part is when the signing ends without Tate getting his signed copy of the book, Brandon is able to make that happen for him. Keeping his awesome uncle status in tact.

I thought this was really cute. It’s basically the first few hours of the guys getting to know each other. Of course it’s I liked that Tate feels the need to do it for his niece. And that it was a much bigger deal than he anticipated but he stuck it out like a good uncle. I liked the guys. They had some good back and forth. Some good chemistry. I found myself smiling along with them. I wanted to see where things went with them. Hell I would have liked to keep reading. Brandon’s mom was great! I really enjoyed this one. A beginning of relationship with some holiday warmth and cheer.

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