Loving and Loathing Vegas

Author: Lex Chase

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Jackson has loved Vegas since God created Man—literally. As demonic incubi hailing from the Seventh Circle of Hell, Jackson and Vegas have never been anything more than roommates. Now living among humans, they run Eaven, a TripAdvisor-recommended detour-worthy diner famous for its devilishly decadent pies. Business is dead on the holidays, and Jackson will gleefully stab himself with a spatula if he has to clean spotless pots and pans one more time.

For fun—or torture—Vegas makes him a bet that should Jackson win, they take a much-needed vacation. Should he lose, he’s doomed to clean out grease traps for all eternity. When the challenge is to fall in love with other people by Christmas, it proves Vegas isn’t the least bit interested. But when they find an abandoned baby in the trash, she could be the Christmas miracle to warm Jackson’s cynical heart.


Review: This was the longest of the Holiday stories from the DSP advent calendar that I read this year. It was also very different from the others. It’s about two incubus who own a diner together and one has a thing for the other. I thought this one was well written and fun to read. As usual this author wrote some quirky characters. I’d say it was pretty light on the Christmas theme but good none the less.

Jackson followed Vegas to diner in the middle of nowhere named Eaven because he secretly wants more than just friendship from his best friend. The only thing that seems to get people to take the exit to the diner is that Vegas makes excellent pies. Pies that are detour-worthy. Despite being dead almost every holiday Vegas keeps the store open. Jackson’s whining and boredom lead to Vegas making a bet with him. The winner has to find love by Christmas. Jackson doesn’t know how but he’s determined to win. Then fate throws him another curve ball when they find a baby in the dumpster behind the diner. AND the baby hates Vegas but loves Jackson.

I liked this story. The characters were a lot of fun. I feel like I got to know them pretty well. Mostly Jackson since the story is told from his POV. He secretly pines for Vegas while being determined to win the bet. There’s also a weird hippy trippy shop owner who keeps hanging around that Jackson thinks has eyes for Vegas. Jackson’s opinion of him is pretty funny which gives us some of the funniest lines of the book. I laughed out loud at the “Moonbeam Rainbow-whatsit” line and it certainly seemed to fit. This story was also one of the naughtier Christmas stories I read in this advent Calendar. Again not something I’ve come to expect from this author. Guess that’s what I get for assuming! I think the only thing that niggled me was that a sheriff would go out of town for a month. BUT it’s a story about incubus so I just rolled with it. I also love the cover!

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