Son of Santa

Author: Kate Sands

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Noel Nicholas is on a sabbatical from the North Pole realm. Back home he’s known as the Son of Santa, but in the human world, he’s a university student and he likes living in anonymity. Only Ruby, his cupid friend from the Eros realm, knows his true identity. That is, until Fannar, the gorgeous ice-sprite from the Pole, shows up unexpectedly. This causes Noel’s suppressed and unrequited crush on Fannar to return full force. However, there are more pressing matters at hand—Noel’s father has taken an extended vacation but cannot be found, and there’s only a month until Christmas.

As Noel is finishing his semester at school and he hasn’t seen his father in months, Mrs. Claus has tasked Fannar with finding Santa. Fannar keeps in touch with Noel but comes around far more often than necessary. It’s not helping Noel’s ability to hide his feelings… but as it turns out, they may not be as one-sided as Noel originally believed.


Review:  This one was pretty interesting. Noel is the son of Santa that sometimes escapes to the human world for a few years to get away from the pressure and the never ending cheer of the North Pole. Noel is resistant to all things Christmas while in the human world. He always felt like an outsider on the North Pole. One day his crush from back in the day, an ice-sprite named Fannar , comes to the human realm asking if Noel has heard from his father, Santa, who also had a tendency to go missing to regroup.

I thought this story was pretty unique. There’s a ton of world building around Christmas that the Christmas loved. I really liked Fanner and how he tried to be the festive to Noel’s Scrooge. I think maybe Noel’s resistance to Fannar’s obvious attraction and desire to be near him was maybe a bit much given the length of the book. What I missed in this one was that warming up period between the two. Where they realize something is there between them. It’s not until the last few pages Noel finally gets it. The story is told from Noel’s POV only so I don’t know when or how Fannar realizes he wants a relationship with the Grinchy son of Santa but his POV may have helped me fall for the couple more. Fannar loves all things Christmas and helps bring back some of that joy that Noel has shoved out of his life. This one was pretty tame in the smexy department. Still very cute and full of Christmas charm. It was just the romance that did grab me but didn’t hold on like I’d hoped.

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