Triumph (Tributes #3)

Triumph_400x600Author: Kate Pearce

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Riptide and Amazon

Type: Novella in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Rehz Akran has had enough of the Tribute program and its sadistic overseer, Palk. When Palk captures Rehz’s mate, Anna Lee, and offers her and Aled Price to the Ungrich for further research, Rehz is ready for rebellion. But first, with the help of Kai Mexr—who wants Aled back just as much as Rehz wants Anna—he must break into the Ungrich world, rescue Anna, and discover why they want her so badly.

The chilling answer to that question lies in Anna’s forgotten origins—origins that Aled shares. To save their lovers, Rehz and Kai must take on Palk and a government that is more than willing to sacrifice Anna and Aled to keep the peace.

The two couples join forces—in more ways than one—and together they discover that they may be capable of defeating two civilizations and changing the course of Mitan history forever.


Review: My mind may never recover from its foolish attempts to visualize the things that happen in this latest book in the Tribute series from Kate Pearce. There are creatures doing unimaginable things in a place that is even horrifying to contemplate–so why do I keep doing it? Because you just can’t help yourself when you’re reading about this Mitan world. The sexual shenanigans they get up to in the name of alien biology…

There’s a lot at stake for Rehz and Kai when they realize that their lovers are gone–sucked back into the Ungrich world, apparently with their government’s consent, or at least willingness to ignore. No one wants war with them again, so if keeping silent and letting them have two tributes is enough? M’kay.

But it’s not okay with our two guys, and their journey into the belly of the beast to reclaim their mates is harrowing to say the least.

Aled and Anna are at first surprised then horrified when they realize the purpose of their recapture. Hoping against hope that Kai and Rehz will get there in time to save them is all they’ve got…besides the never ending torture they’re being subjected to.

When they discover that Palk was behind their disappearance–and that they’re part of a terrifying plan for the Ungrich to take over the Mitan world–the two couples realize they’ve got to do more than rescue themselves…

They’ve got to stop this crazy plan.

But how?

As always with Kate Pearce’s paranormal fantasy books, I was at all times agog, entranced, closing my eyes and squeeing a little at the scary bits, and sucked in. And of course, the mind melt as I tried to contort my brain into some of her descriptions. Taken as the fantasy it was, I enjoyed this book tremendously and if you like to be stretched out of your comfort zone and into some seriously wicked fun, join me! The whole series will keep you reading straight through.

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