Soul Struck (The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #3)

Author: Jacob Z. Flores

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge: Book Three

Like the electricity he commands, Pierce Blackmoor streaks through life on raw power and pure sexual energy. His conquests on the battlefield and in the bedroom form his foundation, but that bedrock crumbles when his younger brothers’ abilities surpass his own. Pierce finds himself at an all-time low, and clawing his way back to the top becomes his only concern.

Pierce’s plan to reassert his dominance, however, takes a backseat when he wounds Kale Aquilo, an emissary of the Beast King, lord of all shifters.

Kale’s beguiling nature shoots like a lightning bolt straight to Pierce’s soul, and when the soft-spoken Kale relays that a virus is killing his people, Pierce abandons his quest for power to do something he has never done before—protect someone other than himself.

As Kale, Pierce, and his brothers struggle to find the root of the magical virus spreading plague across Aeaea, the shifter island, they face a gauntlet of old and new foes. Soul struck, Pierce and Kale must uncover the truth behind the conspiracy gathering in the shadows.


Review: Pierce Blackmoor needs to be the biggest and the baddest warlock in his family. As the oldest he’s supposed to take over not only the business aspects of being a Blackmoor, but the magical aspects as well. As Pierce watches his younger brothers find love and grow into extremely powerful warlocks with powerful mates his need to be the biggest and the baddest warlock takes on an almost pathological note. Pierce finds himself burdened with a huge fear of failure he can confess to no one. So, after almost killing his brothers in an attempt to prove his badassness he punches an already wounded guy in the nose. Pierce was having a bad day. Pierce not only feels guilty but really attracted to the guy, so he takes him home. The guy, Kale, has a pretty fishy story about who he is and where he’s going, but Pierce is a little dazzled. Then Thad steps in and it all gets really complicated with shifters and diseases, and the Conclave. Kale is an emissary and he has a job to do but Pierce really likes him. Pierce likes Kale enough to actually stop and talk to him as opposed to rush him into bed. Everyone has jobs to do and holidays to observe and then the Conclave shows up. It’s bad when the Conclave shows up. Ben is back and he’s brought a friend, Chloe. They have an agenda. Unfortunately, so does the Conclave.

I wouldn’t recommend picking this book up if you haven’t read the first two. There is significant world building and character growth in each book. And here we still find the Blackmoors dealing with Ben. Ben just gets stronger and stronger. Thankfully, so did Pierce. Like his brothers before him, Pierce got a whole lot stronger in this book. And he manages to snag himself a boyfriend who is stronger than he appears at first glance. So all three Blackmoor boys have come into their full powers and all three Blackmoor boys have stronger than average boyfriends.

The Blackmoor family as a whole has been struggling since the death of Mrs. Blackmoor. Interestingly, Pierce was not close to his mother. Pierce remembers a woman who never really approved. Pierce’s experience was so different from that of his brothers. This is a wonderful example of family. Siblings in the same household will have different experiences with their parents. Some personalities clash while others mesh beautifully. The ongoing tales of the Blackmoors recovering from loss are a wonderfully human aspect to this paranormal story. Pierce sees how much his mother’s death has hurt his father in ways the other boys didn’t. Not only did Mr. Blackmoor not show them, they chose to not look.

The Conclave and the Blackmoors are at odds with each other. Gerald Wa is an on again off again ally in the war against… whoever was behind Ben’s machinations. The readers know the Conclave and the Blackmoors, as well as the Proctors and the Stonewalls, are technically on the same side. We think the Conclave is fighting the same enemies as the Blackmoors, Proctors, and Stonewalls. Probably. Then there is the Warlock Hag. I have suspicions about her. If she’s who I fear it’s horrible and brilliant and horrible. Brilliantly horrible. If she’s not who I fear she’s pretty horrible. Pierce gave her a nasty nickname for a reason. And with members like her no one can really trust the Conclave at this point.

I say this all the time, but I really want Adam Proctor to get his own book. After reading the interactions between Adam and Pierce I want him to get his own book even more.

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