Worth More Than Words

Author: Michael Barnette

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Jin Donovan, code named Topaz, is a psi-talented hacker, a technomancer with the power to enter the electronic world found inside computers and most electronic devices. Recruited to the Organization—a clandestine group dedicated to protecting the world from crime syndicates—right out of college, Jin is their top technokinetic. He teams up with Damon Champion—known within the Organization as Steel—a sometime assassin, bodyguard, and biokinetic. The pair find themselves mutually attracted and give in to temptation after they conclude their mission successfully. But attractions like theirs aren’t approved of in their line of work, and Jin cuts Damon off immediately. Unfortunately, being an operative for the Organization isn’t a safe profession and Jin vanishes without a trace. Now it’s up to Damon to find Jin, the man he’s fallen in love with, and rescue him from his captors… if he isn’t already dead.


Review: This book had some pretty interesting world building. It’s starts out with a ton of action and some danger. It also sets up a forbidden love/lust story between our MCs. Jin has an ability to basically hack into systems with his mind. His skills got him hired by the Organization. A powerful supposedly up and up group. For his latest job he’s teamed up with an assassin or muscle who also has the ability to heal himself and others of physical wounds named Damon. Jin signed up for the organization. Damon is sort of like an indentured servant. He was busted so his option was go to prison or work out his years for the Organization. Jin realizes quickly the information retrieval mission they’re sent on is much harder than they’d been led to believe it would be. With Damon’s help they escape to the safe house where the men give into their lust for each other despite it being forbidden by the Organization. The guys go their separate ways but Damon knows they’ll eventually be teamed up again. When they finally are and Jin doesn’t show up, Damon knows something is wrong. Jin wouldn’t just up and disappear. So Damon takes the matter of finding Jin into his own hands.

I think I could have really liked this story. The world building was really interesting. The idea of the assassins for hire on the wrong side of the law, the ones outside of the Organization, totally intrigued me. Hell the Organization alone seems like an endless possibility for politics and danger. There was the start of some good tension and build up to something more between the MCs. I was in from page one. The problem for me was it felt like a Novella. I wanted more of everything. I wanted to know more about the world and read about Jin and Damon navigating it. Realizing their roles in the Organization. I wanted that awkward lust and yearning between the characters but it just kind of happened. The guys were barely on page together but they fell hard somewhere off page or before we came along in the story. I missed that experience in this book. I never really connected to the characters as individuals or couples but I think I could have given a little more interaction. I also found the Organization and rival agencies to be a totally fascinating story line. However again it was never really fleshed out. I feel like there were so many things left dangling out there waiting to be explored more in this story. Reviewing this one is kind of tricky. I liked the story as is but I think I could have really liked it if there was more of it.

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