Memento (PsyCop #6.2)

Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Publisher: JCP Books

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Short in a Series

Purchased by Reviewer


Blurb:  Seasons change, and so do fashion trends. But in this heartstring-tugging PsyCop short, what’s beneath the clothes matters most.

Do clothes make the man? Jacob Marks cuts an impressive figure in his tailored suits, but Victor Bayne is another story. Nowadays, Vic does his ghosthunting in off-the-rack blazers, polyester blend slacks and cop shoes with nonskid soles. But back before he was a PsyCop—or even officially psychic—he rocked combat boots and a beat up biker jacket…and lots and lots of punk T-shirts. When he finds a faded tee in the back of a drawer, he’s eager to lob it in the trash. Jacob, however, finds himself waxing sentimental about Vic’s younger, more carefree days.

This steamy 5000-word PsyCop short in Jacob’s voice takes place after PsyCop #6, GhosTV.


Review:  While rummaging through the dresser to find an appropriately bad t-shirt to wear for a yucky task Vic finds and discards an old shirt that offers to Jacob a brief and rare glimpse at the person who would become the man he loves.

This story is a brief and rare glimpse at Jacob. We usually see him only through the filter of Vic. A filter that is multi-tasking and at best an unreliable narrator of himself let alone anyone else. Consequently, we don’t usually get to see the depth of feeling Jacob has for Vic. The feelings that drive him to want to know every aspect of Vic’s life. Aspects of Vic’s life Vic himself finds unimportant. This story beautifully shows the greed we can feel toward the person we love, even when we know it’s irrational. Jacob is aware he’ll never have everything that Vic is, he’s aware they work as a couple because the timing was right, but he can’t deny the wanting to consume all the facets of Vic. It’s these amazingly human moments in a paranormal series that have put Jordan Castillo Price on my list of must read authors.

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