Crash Plus Expenses

Author: Astrid Amara

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: Loose Id and Amazon

Type: Novella

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Dan Lewinski would follow his subject Connor Katz to the ends of the earth. It’s what he’s paid to do. Apparently this also includes following his subject Connor Katz as they plummet TO earth, because their plane is going down. And Dan likes living so that’s a problem.

It’s also a problem because he knows there’s a secret behind Connor Katz’s past, a reason the man’s sister is paying beaucoup bucks to have him followed, a reason Connor appears so quiet on the outside, yet seems lit like a fire from within. Dan needs to know Connor’s secret.

But IF they survive the crash, how on earth can Dan get to know the mysteries of a man he’s been in love with from afar without admitting he’s a private eye who’s watched his every move?


Review:  I liked this book. I can’t say I loved it because I wasn’t totally satisfied with it. It feels more like a quickie beginning of something that could be really good. Like a prequel that left me wanting more. There seemed to be more possibilities of things to come. I’m mostly intrigued about Connor’s history and how not being on the run and finally letting someone in is going to change his life. And if or how and when his past is going to come back on them? What role his sister is playing in their future? There are plenty of things set up for another book.

Crash Plus Expenses starts off with a bang for sure. I don’t pick up many books that start with a plane crash where only the MCs survive. Not only that, Dan is a PI being paid to follow Connor around and report back to his sister. Which is how he ended up on the plane with Connor. Dan knows lots of things about Connor. Connor has seen Dan around town so for it’s an odd coincidence to see him on the small plane headed to a remote town. The two men navigate their way through the woods in the unfavorable elements with injuries. They build a friendship while Connor tries to decide if his attraction to Dan is returned. Dan knows under the circumstances he should let Dan know he was hired to watch him but he doesn’t want to ruin the thing beginning between them.

Besides the story not feeling complete, my other issue with this story was the insta love feel to it. I can get behind Dan being in love with Connor since it’s developed over many months. It’s kind of creepy but sweet at the same time. It still felt odd to hear love that soon. Dan, who never trusts anyone, falling in love with Connor so quickly didn’t really work for me. It seemed like a pretty big leap. Him running off was understandable once I learned of his past. I did like how I got the feeling that him going back to be with Dan was a huge life changing thing. Connor hasn’t had anyone to depend on for so long. I think everything they went through and Connor finally feeling close to another human did work in the end. And Dan is determined to protect him.

Basically I’d like this book more if I knew there was more of this story coming up. As it is it feels like what will happen with Connor’s past is a big glaring loose end. Which the most interesting part of the story for me. I think knowing how the guys manage the day to day life of their first real relationship would be interesting to read about. I’d also look forward to reading about how Connor will handle Dan’s family since they sound so great and supportive. If one ever gets written I’ll be reading it.

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