Lies (Intrepid Women #5)

Author: Kathryn Jane

Publisher: Self

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Purchased by Reviewer


Blurb:  The last thing Jake needs is an uptight female with a grumpy cat.

The last thing Tara needs is a nosey man.

When Meyers Security is hired to find a stolen, multi-million dollar thoroughbred, Jake uses the opportunity to chase down the one woman who’s hovered at the edge of his mind for far too long. Tara isn’t his type, yet he can’t shake the image of her lean, mean attitude, long black hair, and mysterious dark eyes.

Tara has a rep—handles whatever comes her way, and is paid top fees as an international equine escort. Jake is the one man who can get her to talk, but at what price? She has enough information to blow his case out of the water, but she’s been lying so long it feels like the truth.

One horse is missing. Will there be more?


Review: Authenticity!

That’s the first word that came to mind after reading this surprisingly good book.  I avoid books with horses, cowboys and airplanes like the plague.  I spent a great deal of my life working with horses, cowboys and flying, and mistakes make me a little crazy.  I usually end up trashing those books.  But this one was recommended by a friend of a friend, and it was just 99 cents, so I thought I would give it a try.  That was one of the most entertaining bucks I’ve ever spent!

Kathryn Jane understands horses.  Deeply.  She also knows a lot about flying and airplanes.  Totally authentic.  And, she writes a great story.  I was just a few pages into this story when I was absolutely fascinated by Tara.  She has a great job, escorting expensive horses being transported by air.  I was a little envious.  How cool would that be?  Pretty cool.  It took me a while longer to connect with Jake.  He had a lot of backstory that I didn’t understand.  Then, as the story progressed, I started meeting Jake’s family and realized that I have some catching up to do!  Wow!  His family rocks.  Everyone has a little “something” extra.  A bit of mind reading here, a little healing ability there…something for some or all of them.  And I really want to know.  I see some 1-clicking in my future.

I’m not quite sure how to classify this book.  It’s a little bit mystery, a little bit suspense sprinkled lightly with a smidgen of paranormal and wrapped up in a double helping of romance, resulting in a truly tasty treat for the senses.  Now, those of you who think you have to have steamy, on page sex to enjoy a romance?  I hear you.  I like to see the steam rising off my kindle too.  But, here’s the deal.  Kathryn Jane did a wonderful job of conveying all of the longing and sexual tension between Jake and Tara, while still closing the bedroom door.  Darn it!  But it worked. So, go grab a copy of this book or, better yet, go grab the first book in the series, Do Not Tell Me No, which is where I’m going right now!  So, grab your favorite device, buy the book and….


5 thoughts on “Lies (Intrepid Women #5)”

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, and my authenticity. Yes, I’ve been with horses on flights… momentarily misplaced one inside a 747, but that’s a whole other story 🙂
    Again, thanks for making my day!

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