Hanover House (Hanover House Chronicles #0.5)

Author: Brenda Novak

Publisher: Brenda Novak

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novella

Provided by Publisher


Blurb:  Welcome to Hanover House….

Psychiatrist Evelyn Talbot has dedicated her life to solving the mysteries of the psychopathic mind. Why do psychopaths act as they do? How do they come to be? Why don’t they feel any remorse for the suffering they cause? And are there better ways of spotting and stopping them?

After having been kidnapped, tortured and left for dead when she was just a teenager—by her high school boyfriend—she’s determined to understand how someone she trusted so much could turn on her. So she’s established a revolutionary new medical health center in the remote town of Hilltop, Alaska, where she studies the worst of the worst.

But not everyone in Hilltop is excited to have Hanover House and its many serial killers in the area. Alaskan State Trooper, Sergeant Amarok, is one of them. And yet he can’t help feeling bad about what Evelyn has been through. He’s even attracted to her. Which is partly why he worries.

He knows what could happen if only one little thing goes wrong…


Review: Oh.  Man.  This is good.  Really good.  Evelyn Talbot has just become one of my favorite heroines.  She is strong, smart, educated, beautiful and terribly damaged from her unbelievable ordeal as a teenager.  And she’s a survivor who is determined to continue to survive.  But she’s pretty convinced that she can never have a healthy sexual relationship…never…ever.

That was before she met Amorok, the sigh worthy Alaskan State Trooper assigned to Hilltop.  He has made it plain that he doesn’t want Hanover House in his town, but he doesn’t feel the same way about the beautiful Evelyn Talbot.  When vandals damage the as yet unfinished Hanover House, Evelyn comes to town to check the damage.  The first thing she does is call local law enforcement to meet her.  It is evident from the beginning that Evelyn is just as attracted to Amorok as he is to her.  But….she just can’t.  Just can’t.  Then begins the most gentle and sincere seduction.  Amorok, which means Wolf, is determined.  Evelyn is the only woman he has been seriously attracted to in years.  He will do anything, take any amount of time, to get past her issues.  It’s beautiful.

But there is so much more going on in this book.  It’s much more than a romance.  Ms. Novak writes Evelyn’s motivations with so much passion and clarity that there is no doubt that, in spite of the obstacles, Evelyn will prevail and see her dream fulfilled.  Hanover House will happen.  But there are many more obstacles than Evelyn knows about.  She’s about to be in a deep well of hurt from the incident in her past.  And, possibly, more in her future.

This book is a novella introduction to her new series.  Don’t let that stop you.  This is a long novella.  It’s wonderfully written, plotted and constructed.  A satisfying read that made me anticipate the release of the first full-length novel in the series, Her Darkest Nightmare, which will be available in September of 2016, without making me crazy about a cliffhanger.  Ahem…I’m also looking forward to Amorok’s continued seduction of Evelyn.  So, my recommendation is to go ahead and get this book, and….


One thought on “Hanover House (Hanover House Chronicles #0.5)”

  1. I need to make a correction to this review. I was just told by Ms. Novak that the title of the first full length novel in this series will be Her Darkest Nightmare, instead of Whiteout. It doesn’t matter to me. I want to read it no matter what she calls it!

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