Grimm’s End (Grimm’s Circle #9)

grimmcover74066-mediumAuthor: Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Samhain & Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: He would walk into hell for her. Hell’s not willing to let him back out.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 9

Years have passed since Will flung himself headlong into demon central. Everyone has told Mandy he’s lost to them, but she still won’t believe it. He was her heart and soul—still is—even if he never admitted they belonged together.

When a friend is nearly torn through a rip between the worlds, Mandy gets the sign she’s hoped and prayed for. Her friend is thrust back through to safety by no other than Will himself.

With all hell breaking loose on earth, only two Grimm can be spared for the mission to retrieve their leader—Mandy and the only other Grimm crazy enough to go with her.

Will would forget the color of the sky before he’d forget the love of all his lives. But his time is done. It’s only a matter of which demon will finally destroy him.

He never thought his final moments would be haunted by Mandy’s face. But is it a fitting punishment, or one last chance to atone for crimes he committed so long ago?

Warning: This book contains too much angst, too many secrets, and two people who long to be together. It’s also the end of a long, fun ride. Thanks for taking it.

Review: The apocalyptic world that Shiloh Walker has built in these books is amazing and complex–just like the characters and their relationships. I haven’t read all of them, but I was able to get into this story pretty quickly with the clues and context in the first chapter. I could definitely understand Mandy’s feelings of sadness and loss about Will, and the thought that he might still be alive? Shot to the heart! Great start to an exciting story that didn’t disappoint. As it’s the last in the series, I wouldn’t try to read it as a standalone.

I really loved the character of Mandy. She’s determined past all reason to find the man she loves. Even though everyone else thinks Will was destroyed when he dove into hell, she keeps the faith that he’s still in there, fighting. Meanwhile, life on earth has gotten really hard and it feels like the Grimm’s mission on earth to save the humans from the demons is failing–demons are everywhere! They team are all starting to feel desperate. So when Greta is kidnappedright in front if their eyes, ripped through a tear into the demon world–they’re devastated, in fear that they’re all going to perish. Suddenly, the rip reappears and she’s tossed back out, onto the ground. WTF? It’s amazing that she got out of the other world, but how? When she tells them what happened there and who helped her–it’s even more incredible. Will is still alive! He’s the one who’d helped her to get out.

Mandy has never given up hope that she’ll find him even though it’s been years since he left. And she still loves him, though the love between them always remained unspoken. Against the wishes of the group, she plans on going into hell to get him back–even if she has to go alone. Luckily, there’s another Grimm crazy enough to go with her. Traveling with Rob, she sets out through a rift to get Will back.

Will had plunged into the rift so long ago that he’d forgotten that he’d had another life. He’s sure that the demons in hell aren’t ever going to allow him to leave, and he’s fine with that. He’s still paying penance for something in his past that he’s never forgiven himself for. Until he does, it’s not just the denizens of hell holding him down there…

Very otherworldly and a fitting end to the series! As always, Shiloh Walker’s writing shines through with great impact, clever storytelling, and descriptive allusions. It’s interesting to watch the physical journey of Rob and Mandy battling alongside Will’s mental struggle to forgive himself. Thanks!

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