Hot Holiday Nights (Play-by-Play #10.5)

hotcover73719-mediumAuthor: Jaci Burton

Publisher: PENGUIN/Berkley Publishing Group

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novella in a Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Victoria Baldwin is a successful sports agent who always puts work first—unless she’s on vacation. Then it’s all about play. On holiday in Hawaii over Christmas, she meets Alex McConnell, a successful young surfer on the islands for a surfing competition. She couldn’t think of a better vacation fling. But when she meets Ben Reynolds, Alex’s manager, she realizes she wants both men. This could be her hottest holiday ever, and the vacation that changes her life.

Review: I love this series from the mistress of hot and tempting romance. The locale was luxuriously tropical, the players delicious, and the story was twist the sheets up steamy and erotic. In this holiday novella, Ms. Banks takes a popular romantic theme and pushes the boundaries a little bit…so you have to stretch yourself  a beyond your comfort zone to appreciate it. I’m all for furthering my education!

Victoria’s job as a sports agent is tough–she’s got to be strong to compete in the mainly masculine field. It’s nice on her holidays to be able to drop that facade and be softer. To use her femininity to entice men instead of covering it with a shield to protect herself.

Meeting up with the great looking surfer Alex is a bonus, especially since they have so much in common. When his manager Ben shows up and inadvertently gets a free sex show, she finds herself attracted to him as well. When they make her an offer, she finds she can’t refuse…

But should she? There’s no future together for the three of them, right?

Give yourself an early present and get this great novella–you’ll be happy you did!

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