Dragon’s Eye (Sumeria’s Sons #5)

Author: Lexi Ander

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: LT3 and Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: In the wake of birth and betrayal, Ushna takes the God Ashur to Tristan in a last desperate bid to save Tristan’s life—and is helpless to do anything but watch as Ashur instead buries him in a grave. Though he has no desire to go on living, having now lost Brian and Tristan, Ushna has no choice. Not only do their children need him, the mysterious Simurgh has come out of hiding and forces him to continue on—for there is much to do and little time to do it, especially with treachery and danger closing in on them from every side.


Review: Ushna and his three babies are waiting. Everyone magically bound to Tristan believes he lives, but after watching Ashur bury an almost dead Tristan in the ground Ushna isn’t doing well. Politically, things are not going well, either. And one of the babies is a funny color. Things just aren’t good. Then Tristan comes back, and even though all the other problems still exist Ushna isn’t alone. Tristan finds himself much changed after his return. He also finds the people around him changed. The changes in Ushna are sad and understandable, the changes in Nathan are upsetting. The reappearance of Brian just adds more things to the mix. Brian and Ushna aren’t really sure how they feel about each other. They know being together again is wonderful, but they don’t know each other. As he assumes more and more control over the Lycan race Tristan learns of more and more betrayal. These three men certainly have their work cut out for them.

Every installment of this series contains at least one major shift. Political situations or characters or both change drastically. Nathan turned out to be the same guy he always had been. Theo is going to be given a chance to be the guy he should have been. Interesting things are happening and there will be both no redemption and redemption.

The dynamics between Ushna and Brian were quite good. I like that these two spent a lot of time thrown together without Tristan. They were given a good opportunity to start building a relationship that was more than Tristan being a bridge between the two of them. I also liked that Ushna had been thrown by his loss of Tristan and was not the take charge guy he had been in the past. Ushna had some clingy and fearful moments. Tristan paid lip service to them then went ahead and did what he wanted to do anyway. Which was totally a Tristan thing to do. In short, characters’ actions and reactions were good and have remained consistent over the course of the series.

Every book in this series is chockablock with information. What impresses me most is it doesn’t feel like an info-dump. Maybe I just really want to know what’s going on. At this point we seem to have most of the information we need, and there really isn’t much mystery left about who is doing what. It’s been the same baddie harassing the Lycans for their entire existence. Finally, Tiamat’s plans are coming together. My guess would be she loves it when a plan comes together.


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